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Thread: frequent flyer DL

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    Default frequent flyer DL

    DL who is travelling a lot and looking for new friends

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    Hello, FFDL! While brevity isn't bad thing, we would love to hear a little bit more about you. ^_^

    What line of work are you in? You have any hobbies? Any music, movies or books you would recommend?

    I am a huge fan of Canada, so if you just want to talk about 'your home and native land', I'd be all ears!

    Welcome to ADISC! I hope you find this site to be welcoming and informative!

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    I'll be your friend. Stop by NC and ask for Khaymen. Don't worry, once you find the area with indoor plumbing they'll know me.

    OK, now to be serious, read a bit on here, perhaps post a revised intro using this Cheat Sheet, and talk to the people here to find a few new friends.

    I'm sure you will find this place to be warm and inviting with plenty of new friends.

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