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Thread: Diaper size dilema - is bigger better?

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    Default Diaper size dilema - is bigger better?

    1. I'm going to be buying allot of diapers very soon but I have a dilemma

    I normally go for Large or Extra Large for the diaper capacity in holding when wet. But I’ve been thinking should I actually go for my body size which is a medium even though mediums don't hold as much as the bigger size, would they work better as they are the correct fit?

    I saw the other thread and the general consensus is medium but some more input would be appreciated.
    Edit I always double diaper as well

    I’m 33"-38" waist (83cm-96cm)
    5"6 tall (169cm)
    189 pound (86Kg)

    Help please
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    I find better fitting ones leak less, I have a 36" waist and use mediums.

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    I'd get medium if I were you. Large is actually pretty... large... on me and I have a probably a 40'' waist. But then a medium is too small for me. Or at least it feels that way to me.

    Can depend on your leg size though... And "through the crotch" measurement. If you tape a large snugly in an X fashion, that might also work fine for you.

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    i've decided to get mediums for all the inner diapers but still use a large tena maxi for the outer diaper and see how it works out

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    Depends on how far off you are in the size I think. A little bit oversize can be nice, but too big is, well, too big.

    I consider a medium bambino to just fit. The larges are oversize but still quite comfortable. I'd say "as large as I'd like them to be".

    So I was getting another case of abena M4's recently, they fit me about in between the bambino M and L. So I thought what the heck and got a bag of L4 also. Can you say "swimming in diaper"? Ya. They don't fit at all, and aren't comfortable, good looking, or protective. So, I'm glad I didn't get a case of L4.

    So the lesson to learn here, don't buy a case of something unless it's either very very cheap, or you know it fits. I've got a case of medium assure's here that don't fit too well, but they were cheap. ($0.36/diaper)

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    Well i just put on some medium diapers and..........................?

    i don't like them.

    for me they just don't rap around right and cover the right area properly i guss i got used to years of oversized they don't feel right when i tape them and feel too loose. which i know sounds weired as they are the right size but the bigger ones just feel more snug amd babyish even though there bulkier they feel snuggier. I guss i'm just odd in my AB delights

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    Don't trust the "guide measurements" printed on the packet - they are a bit subjective and different body builds affect fit. I find it is better to go large than risk something being too small - undersize can feel very comfortable and discrete but not be as leak resistant as a larger diaper.

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    Before you buy in bulk, get some samples. I made the mistake of bulk ordering a new brand and found that I had 80 nappies that were uncomfortable to the point of painfull! I also once bought a pack or large UK attends, they were too big, didn't feel right and were a waste of money. So get some samples before you invest heavily.

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    I use a size called Regular they are purple in color and are basiclly the size between large and medium

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