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    Hey guys whats up I was wondering how Goodnights hold up if you poop them? Anyone ever try this? If so I would like to know your experiences with them because I am considering buying some . Thanks.

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    I've messed in goodnites before, and it holds up just fine for me; that doesn't go for everyone else, though. I'm sure everyone has their own personal experiences.

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    i've done it before. it's quite a clean up but i guess it's that way any time. they hold up fine. i'm pretty sure (i rarely mess) as a rule of thumb just about anything will hold up to a messing. i don't really have enough experience with different brands and what not though to confirm this.

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    Much the same as normal Diapers.
    Just dont get "sick" in it if you know what I mean or drop something that youve been saving for days and youll be fine

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