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    Hey there everyone. I'm not really new to this site but I haven't really come on here. When I joined. (forgot about it) sorry.

    Anyways just got the password reset thing so I came in and here I am.

    Well I don't know what to say really. My names Jamie. I'm from Malibu California which is in the USA if you don't know. I am incontinent in a way. I have weak nerves so I don't feel the need to go 95% of the time in the day. 100% at night. I also have a small bladder so I go like every 20-30 mins. Because of my weak nerves I also poop myself about 60% of the time in the day. 100% at night. So as you probably guessed I wear diapers 24/7. Huggies pull ups cool alert in the day. Pampers cruisers or depends maximum protection at night.

    So that's a quick blurb about me.

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    Hello Jamie. Nice to see others from Cali on the forums =D.
    What are your hobbies aside from being a diaper lover, I think we can all relate to you on that level.
    You use pampers cruisers to protect you at night? That is very impressive, you must suffer threw a lot of leaks.
    Anywho, welcome to the site, look forward to reading your posts. =)

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