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    Managed to forget about ADISC. And since I've just spent a nice hour reading through posts and a couple of the stories .. I guess I must have signed up to read something then.

    I got the password reset email and decided I should probably see which ADISC seems familiar.

    I'm a 30 something guy from the UK that's got a strong interest in Diapers. I'm not a very good AB, but my partner shares some of my interests and Mummies me. I like to meet people that don't bludgeon you with their diaper fetish. Have met a fair few people from the local bdsm munches and scene into ageplay.

    nice to meet you, and I shall update my bookmarks.

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    Hi there, welcome to the site!

    I hope you'll find we are not very "bludgeoning" on here - certainly from what I've heard about any group meetups on here too!

    It's awesome that you have a willing partner - you'll make quite a few of us jealous with it!

    Anyway, I hope you enjoy being back on the site!

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    Welcome back the the forums.
    It is truly a fun thing to hear about more couples that are as successful as yours,
    gives us hope that it might happen someday to us as well. =D
    Hope to see you around.

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