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Thread: Hello Diaper Lovers

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    Cool Hello Diaper Lovers

    Hey Guys,
    PolyBackDave here and I just wanted to say Hello and introduce myself as a diaper lover. I enjoy plastic diapers as they are the best “for me anyway”. My favorite brand is the Active Ultra Plus. I found them on this site I guess about a year ago. I never joined the site but I have been reading some of the forum posts for a long time. The company I was ordering them from seems to have gone out of business as they have stopped answering the phone and never charged my card or sent me my last case. I have found some other companies carrying them and have still been able to get them so no big deal.
    I signed up today because I found a way to get them, for a plus sized user like myself for almost half off. Only problem is that this site will not let me share that information with you. Oh well.
    Anyhoo, I am a large guy and like to wear in public places. Something about going at any time in anyplace without anyone knowing is just enjoyable for me. Not sure why I have this fascination with them but I do remember when it started. Back in college me and some friends took a roadtrip from Ohio to Miami Florida and wanted to get there fast. All four of us decided to wear them so that we would not need to stop. Needless to say we made terrific time and had a blast. But, it stuck with me. I kept buying them after that and have been a diaper lover ever since. Not sure about the other three guys as on the rare occasions we catch up we poke fun about that experience.
    That’s a little on me,

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    welcome. you have any interests other than diapers?

    you can find out about me on my user page if it helps.

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    Welcome Polybackdave!

    We here at ADISC would enjoy if you told us a little more about your non AB/DL side.

    And I have to warn you [not trying to sound mean here], I know you are trying to help other people get good deals, but you kind of came off like you were doing a sales pitch. The "Uppers" of ADISC aren't really fond of that.

    But enough about rules, and all of that blah-blah. Welcome to ADISC! Please have an enjoyable time!

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    @zultan, thanks. I do have some other hobbies. I like games, movies, and bar hopping. I see you are also into games. I can't wait for skyrim either. I still play Oblivion and have put at least 350+ hours into that game. It is one of my all time favorites. I own almost every console. Just beet Zelda OoT for the 20th time but this time on my 3DS. As for movies, my favorite is Pulp fiction. Others Reservoir Dogs, Crank, Shoot em' Up, Die Hard Movies and others. I also like Hip Hop.

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