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Thread: Who else hates pacifiers??

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    Default Who else hates pacifiers??

    I'm more of a DL than an AB, but occasionally I do enjoy a sippy cup or snuggling a teddy bear or giggling like a one year old.

    However, pacifiers do nothing for me.

    According to my mom (I randomly asked her) I hated pacifiers as a baby. I used to throw them out of my mouth, and I would refuse to keep them in my mouth for more than a few seconds. After 3 months of age, I never used a pacifier.

    I tried using one as a teenager, but it did absolutely nothing for me. On contrary, when snuggling a teddy bear or sipping from a sippy cup, I got that "babyish rush" so to speak.

    Also i never sucked my thumb or anything like that.

    Anyone else relate?

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    I'm kinda neutral with it. At first I won't like it, but after a while I'll be hooked. I was caught with a pacifier in my mouth one time, which lead to my parents checking the history on their computer, which then led to my 6 month grounding.

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    Im on the same page as you bro. Never liked them.

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    I tried to get into them when embracing my baby side, but like you, never got much out of them... They did relax me some, but it was hard to fall asleep with one, because i would wake up if it fell out. But hug a teddy and i sleep... well... like a baby.

    And i usually have a sippy cup of juice before bed, too.

    But that might also be because my regressed age is between 6-8, not 'baby' aged. So like most 6-8 year olds, paci's do nothing for me. I would not say i hate them though.

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    i love them. alot. in fact they are my most prized possesions ever. more important than my iphone. but unfortunently my parents are paranoid, conduct these inspections and stuff, so as of now for the next 2 years i'm purging from the pacifiers until i move out.

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    I had a pacifier "phase", they were wonderful then... but I dunno, I un-regressed away from them. Every so often I'll get one out, but it's something I like having more than using (like pinned to my shirt rather than suck on it)... I rarely could fall asleep with one, but the couple times I did I felt really baby-ish. But ya, give me my teddy... my very special one, and I can just curl up. I love anything fuzzy really, but I'm so totally attached to my bear, like really I would cry if something happened to it. It even got ripped and I sowed him up, haha... but ya, pacis just don't do it for me much I'm kind of neutral like BabyPandora.

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    Don't hate pacis. Just like western wear, I just don't see that happening. Tried thumbsucking, didn't last long. I'll go with the others and say neutral.

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    I one way I love a pacifier as it helped me to stopped smoking and now I can't keep a pacifier out of my mouth, most of the time its in when I'm on the pc, in bed and sometimes outdoors all depends where I'm at, but when on my motor bike I will suck on it or out in my boat, places where there's not a lot of people around, but one place where pacifiers are welcome is the local night club on a Saturday nights as a dress code lol wish it was all other items too So in one way pacifiers have done some good for me now its getting to stop sucking too much

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    They are okay to me but not crazy about it though. It's actually rare when I use them. So I guess I am more to the neutral position about this.

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    I've tried them, they're alright but not as great as people say they are. Didn't like them as a baby either.

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