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    Ok, lets say that I have a pair of pants that were "thrown out" a couple on months ago. Do you think that gluing clingfilm the the outside of it would work well??

    Obviously it will barely retain free fluid but what about just the wetness from a mass (eg cloth).

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    Not really. It wouldn't hold to well I'd think. When the glue hardens it would probably tear the clingwrap. I'd try to find a better patch for it that's a little stronger.

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    If you have an old vinyl shower curtain that is made of similar material, maybe cut a small round out of it and patch the holes?

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    i've tried patching up mine before now with adhesives and spare vinyl, but it's never a good patch. you've either got brittleness or raised edges.....or both.
    maybe welding would work, but i've only ever tried that with basic kitchen equipment, inevitably without success.
    there's probably some gizmo that'll do the welding but, with expenense an' all, would it not be time to lay your old pants to rest?
    plastic-pants: R.I.P.'d

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    I had a small tear in mine and had some luck with crazy-glue. If you don't have that brand then just look for the stuff that bonds skin instantly. I beleive its a poly-acrylic adheasive. The tear in mine was very small though and I was able to just overlap the torn edges.

    Best of luck, I know how expensive those things can be for such a limited life.

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    You could try the patch kits they sell for swimming pool toys, or pool liners. They may work well considering they are waterproof. I think they are fairly cheap as well.

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    Need something better than glue...

    BTW my life isn't limited- Ivee

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