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Thread: Greetings Y'All! Wannabe present! =)

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    Default Greetings Y'All! Wannabe present! =)

    Hello there everyone out there! I'm excited to find this website! I grew up (still growing up) very confused and scared of the fact that I liked diapers... I didn't really understand why I did. I now know why I WAS scared. I was because I didn't like (and still don't) to be judged and stereotyped.
    I definitely know that when I have a disposable diaper on, I just feel.... secure and comfy! So, I'm just a Diaper Lover who lives in South Sound Washington, and loving every moment of it! If anyone visits Olympia, you're truly honored!

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    Greetings, WannabePampered! Welcome to ADISC! You only reveiled your DL side. What about the other things that make you... You.

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    Yeah, welcome! Do tell us more about you. What do you do for fun besides wear diapers? Do you have any other hobbies? Do you have a collection of some sort? What kind of socks do you wear?

    No, no, just kidding about the socks and collection. Anyway, you sound quite friendly and I'm sure I'm not the only one who's happy to have you aboard.

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    Stereotypes... to an extent we DO conform to type, in some respects, like we tend to be social liberals, tolerant of others. Not racist as a rule. Where we have conservatives they tend to be of a Libertarian type, interested in mutual freedom of expression and personal rights, and concerned with privacy. I have no stats but my impression is we turn out about half gay, half straight, and mostly male: estimates tend to be about 90%-95%.

    The really big stereotype is that we are pedos which of course we are not; or more accurately, some are but only to the same extent as in the population in general; our particular fetish does NOT imply attraction to kids.

    Valid generalizations : we often have obsessive tendencies (natch: we're fetishists.) our IQ's seem to match the distribution on the population; Asberger's and other autistic spectrum features are common. Other than depression, arising from hating the fetish per se, or arising from issues unrelated to it like physical/organic ones is common; but we tend to be no more commonly (or likely less commonly) subject to mental illness like schizophrenia.

    I am not sure what other stereotypes may be out there: we are known as a subby lot but that can't be accurately applied to large chunks of us; we may be subby in personal relationships but normally dominant at work.

    Onsite, as an insider, I don't stereotype anyone, there is huge diversity and I take people on a case-by-case basis.

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    Well, I'm glad that people actually look at these things! the previous sites where they ask you to do 'introductory presentations' of yourself... it seem like a bust.... many people read it, but didn't actually respond! I appreciate the fact that you guys are interested about my hobbies...and my socks I'm a 21 year old who is going to college, works two full time jobs, has a German Shepherd (who, by the way, is the cutest and friendliest you'll meet..once he gets to know you!) I bought my own house when I JUST turned 19 years old, because I wanted to take part in getting that First-Time buyer tax credit. I am so much into cars, even the car freaks at this site would be glazed over if one started opening a conversation about them with me... I'd talk their ear off! I DESPISE Nissan Cubes with a passion!!!! I'm a single guy who's had a rough dating life.. but I'm not too worried about having my 'other half' just yet, because I know when it'll be right! As for the socks... Megamatt... I wear Rocawear as well as Puma ankle socks! I go through them almost as fast as I go through my underwear... uh.... heh.. only because my dog really likes to shred them up. I enjoy life very much! I'm a pretty private person.. and for some reason, I really dislike talking about myself...

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    Hi! and welcome!

    I love german shepards! I have a doberman pincher, and totally hate the steriopes! They're some of the friendliest dogs out there, but get horrible reputations.

    I hope you make friends and like adisc!

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