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Thread: Hi All, I'm Timmy and here's my Introduction

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    Default Hi All, I'm Timmy and here's my Introduction

    Hi all, I'm Timmy, that's short for Timotheus, but you can call me Tim or Timmy, doesn't matter to me. . . some even call me at work, Li'l Timmy, because another is also named Timmy and he's over 6 ft tall.

    Anyway, things for me got started soon after my 10th birthday, and wierd things started with my body, namely enuresis, or bed wetting for most, as well as slowly developing type 1 diabetes (I was pretty thin at 60 inches and 89 lbs). My enuresis didn't seem to want to go away any time soon, so my mom's sister, a nurse suggested to her to start diapering me again to save both of us the frustration of wet bed and clothes. For the next couple years, life got pretty hectic for me as my mom got cancer and died when I was 12 almost 13 and I went to live with my aunt, my mom's sister. The enuresis eventually did go away a little before my 16th birthday (albeit temporarily, it came back just a couple years ago when I was about 22, but atleast 3 months after being dry, my aunt got me a new bed!!!) but not before suffering from growth hormone problems, stunting my growth and being a Type 1 diabetic and the need to take insulin shots for the rest of my life. I was going to nursing school when it started back and my aunt luckily had all my stuff packed away up in her attic, and all the old diapers and plastic panties still fit me, as I hadn't grown much since age 14.
    So now I'm 24, in diapers most of the time, even at work, a few know and don't mind as well as some friends, including an older lady who's also incontinent, and probably only other person I've talked to abot incontinence other than my aunt, who's been my closest friend from the beginning n all.

    Well that's it for now. If you want to know more just ask in this forum string, I guess is how that goes.

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    Hi Timmy, welcome to ADISC!

    How about telling us about some of your hobbies and interests?

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    Welcome, Timmy!

    Glad you have such a wonderful Aunt with whom you can be open and honest. Family is *so* important.

    So you're a nurse? Great profession. :-)

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    Well, I'm in southern California and live near the beach so I love the beach and surf and skimboarding, tried skateboarding, but kept having near accidents so I quit while I was ahead, love bike riding and going camping and hiking up in the Yosemite Valley. I'm a RN, that's a nurse for those that are curious and work at a women and children's medical clinic. . .would like to be a surgical nurse, but haven't found the right doctor to train under, and I need to go back to school for that too and I'm still paying off all my school loans. Like Sci-Fi movies, loved Star Trek TNG, Voyager, and Enterprise; love Harry Potter movies, but haven't seen the latest, hopefully this week some time

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    im doin my best to scrounge some money to see the new hp movie this week as well

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    A couple friends and I are rewatching all the HP movies this week, one a nite, we watched the first last nite the Sorcerer's Stone, and tonite we'll watch the Chamber of Secrets and so on through the week

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    Welcome to ADISC Timmy!

    The new Harry Potter movie was really good by the way. You guys need to see it!

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    ya i've been watchin all the others on my comp :P.

    i'm pretty sure i'm goin this friday with a lady friend of mine >.<

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    Quote Originally Posted by zultan View Post
    ya i've been watchin all the others on my comp :P.

    i'm pretty sure i'm goin this friday with a lady friend of mine >.<

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    I'll be goin over to a friend's house of an older lady who's also incontinent, she don't mind if me and a couple friends hang out, especially me in my diapered bottom to watch movies on her big screen tv, she pops pop corn and makes us root beer floats and we all have a fun time. . . we're gonna watch the last of the series that's out in DVD, Deathly Hallows part 1 this Friday

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