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Thread: A Re-Introduction

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    Talking A Re-Introduction

    Hi there, name is Steve. I really misunderstood this site at first but am slowly accepting the fact that I can be myself around this neck of the woods.

    I love my job, I work weekends at a local McDonald's as a manager. I do not wear at work, although I would really love to. I have a couple Real Life friends who are TBDL and furries as well.

    I'm 23 years old, I do not regress, I am just a plain transgendered (mind of a male/female) pretty manly guy in public, I am straight, I am a cool cucumber.

    Love sports to watch and play.

    I love diapers, Bambinos are my favorite, I've got a small waist so I can still fit in Goodnights and Pampers Cruisers size 7's.

    I long for finding me friends and girlfriend material to be able to accept me for who I am.

    I am a self-diagnosed person with asperger's syndrome. It ain't much of a hold back at all, too me has more pros than cons.

    Anyways hit me up, always looking to chill, hang out, or kick it back with the homies.

    Don't be afraid to add me, I don't bite (unless you ask politely

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    Hey SteveVon! Welcome to ADISC... again, apparantly...

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    Welcome back to the site. I am still sitting back and doing a lot of looking myself.

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    You have an interesting writing style. It's fun to read what you write!

    I wish you lots of luck and fun at ADISC!

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