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    Hi ya'll!
    I am new to this site. Just a little about me.
    I have been a diaper lover / adult baby (in that order) for over 45 years. Got started when I discovered I really liked wearing the cloth diapers and gerber plastic panties that my younger brother was in. My mom allowed to me to wear for awhile. But eventually I had to hide them. Never lost my enjoyment for wearing.
    I nowadays enjoy wearing thick cloth and disposable diapers as often as possible. Nothing like climbing into bed with a multi layered diaper set under a cute onesie. Enjoy using them instead of the toilet.
    I also enjoy the sissy side of being an AB and have many sissy outfits.
    See ya'll around.


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    Welcome to the site.

    Man it is good to see the influx of new NC members.

    I must admit that I've felt as though NC was some remote island disconnected from others such as myself. It is good to know that I am not physically alone out here in the backwoods.

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    Welcome! Wow, i didnt know that the adult onesies were for real man!

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