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    So, I made a game kind of like the Sims, but with diapers. And it's not a 3d game. In fact, it's mostly text based. You can download it here: NewRuby
    picture of main interface:
    Will update this post with more pictures.
    You will need the .net framework 4.0.
    To get in, you need to type "code" in the first text box, and "nipo" in the second.'Then, double click the picture. Then double click the text "text to be translated". Then do the same with the "translated text" text. Expand the windows to the right, and there will be a button called "button3" click it, then enter the password
    "c0dediaper" and you will be greeted with the main interface.

    There are four progress bars you can see, which show your motives. These deplete in real time. Under those, is a console, where you can enter commands, which are...
    change diaper: you must have a diaper on, and have a diaper to change into.(you start with 4 diapers) you must also be in the bedroom, not doing anything.
    go to...mainroom, bedroom, bathroom, store, work
    eat apple: if you have an apple from the store, you can eat it, and your hunger will go up. reqires you to be in the mainroom.
    drink water: you can drink a bottle of water from the fridge, bought from the store. reqires you to be in the mainroom.
    eat meal: you eat until your hunger and thirst are full. may take several minites.
    check diaper: checks what state you diaper is.(dirty, wet...) works always.

    Questions or suggestions are appreciated.

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    hi. welcome to adisc. perhaps you could post an introduction in the intro forum so we can get to know you a little bit better.

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