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    Using the intro cheat sheet

    I am a writer who works for a church heading youth and family ministries. I tend to be shy, polite, and excessively verbose in forums.

    I have been a diaper lover ever since I was a teen and did not know what it was. I remember thinking I was a freak until I saw Alaskan Teen Baby's, who would later become JJ, site and learning I was not alone.

    As a diaper lover I have gone through all the stages, binge, purge, horde, repeat numerous times. It has finally gotten to the point that I cannot not have diapers in my life.

    I have told several people about this during my life. Some friends who did not care. Some trusted people who reacted very badly. A girlfriend who did not care, but ultimately was not right for me. A girlfriend who freaked out and caused yet another purge process. And finally my fiance. She knows I wear diapers. She knows I need them, but she does not know I am a DL.

    As some posters stated from /armchair I feel the need to validate my behavior in a way that is socially acceptable, therefore I know that "liking diapers" is strange, but needing them and dealing with them is not strange. There are many reasons and degrees of incontinence. Some reasons are not knowable even with a battery of tests. And let's face it, there a lot of things people struggle with. I use this as my safety net should anyone catch me.

    This does not mean I go out of my way to showcase it though. As far as I am concerned, what I use as underwear is no one's business but my wife's and mine. And I will say this, which has been mentioned before, no one is really looking to see if you are wearing a diaper as an adult. My fiance works with special needs children. She has had to change adults in diapers (the kids range from 7 yrs old to 20). If she did not notice my diapers she was not going to until our wedding night, and she didn't.

    The way she found it is this. She was having a discussion about babies and changing diapers and explaining how she had all kinds of experience changing diapers. She saw me grow pale because I wondered if she was on to me and bringing up the subject. She asked if I was alright and I lied and said fine. I am a terrible liar btw. So I told her I wear and use diapers and therefore the subject made me very uncomfortable.

    She was very shocked and surprised and she asked me a battery of questions. How long? Why? etc.

    I told her about incontinence and how, if she had not noticed till now, she was not going to notice, therefore it would have very little impact on our lives. She was surprised and interested and wondered how I kept it hidden. I admitted I went to great lengths to make it unnoticeable.

    And I do. I wear onsies to hide the back of the diaper if my shirt comes undone. I wear plastic pants (the new breathable ones are phenomenal for keeping the diaper area cool as opposed to the heavy duty plastic) to contain the odor of a long used diaper. I shave my entire diaper area daily in the shower so that the urine does not latch onto hair follicles to stink up my skin. I make sure I am wearing thick diapers that will not leak, and on top of that I usually wear bicycle shorts to keep the diaper meshed up against me. In khaki pants it is not visible unless you are looking.

    She asked me if it would impact our sex life, as in, would I have trouble controlling my urine in intercourse. I admitted I did not know, but I doubted it.

    So what brings me here? Well, I like the pg-13 atmosphere obviously because of my profession. I do not like seeing trolls rip people to pieces on forums and I have read articles here on many an occasion. I do see the same things come up again and again in regard to questions about diapers, hiding, etc. This is one of the reasons I often find myself here. I will do a google search on a question and see it has been addressed here.

    Now, while I am still in the transitional phase of being in diapers 24/7 (for urine only) I still find myself voiding in floods as opposed to the numerous smaller wettings. I have been 24/7 for 5 full months now. Because my floods are large ( a cheap diaper will not hold one wetting) I find myself drawn to the premium diapers. Let me paint a brief history of my diaper use.

    There was a six month period in college that I went 24/7 and I used molicare super-T. It was a good thin diaper that soaked up urine, did not keep me feeling clammy. I did not like the diaper stench though, and the tapes were atrocious. I used duct tape. The super pluses were fun when I wanted to waddle in my dorm room but I was afraid to wear them out. That, and the amount of urine it could hold was similar. I also tried the abena x-pluses and hated them. I don't know if I have an odd shaped rear, but the tapes (in addition to popping off regularly) always loosened on the lower tapes, which meant I never got to experience how much the diaper could hold because it would always leak out the back legs. Each time I tried abena I had the same problem.

    Flash forward five years ago. I do more research and learn about ATN and I use these for a while as a daytime diaper, but sadly, they could only hold one wetting so were not cheap enough to be practical. I did some research and discover Bambino's. Finally a diaper for me. Yes, they would sometimes leak but they were a smidge more reliable.

    But they had problems. They did not wick fast enough. If I attempted to pee and walk, the diaper would leak down the sides no matter how well I had it taped. Further, the tighter the diaper, the less its ability to perform. It needed to be loose and free to catch urine in its intended form. So I looked around.

    I found dry24/7 and loved the fit. The tapes were good and they held up great to 2-4 of my big soakings. Their problem, seemingly 0 odor control. If I wet one and did not change in 2-4 hours, it would smell very obviously. Still I enjoyed the large size (even if it was purplish). That was until the site went down for a long time.

    In that interval I went back to bambino's. When the dry 24/7 came back I was thrilled but shocked at the huge jump in price. This kept me from trying them for a while. After all, why pay for a diaper that stinks? Eventually I did the math of diaper wearing and understood why the expensive diaper is more economical. The graph on xpmedical helped with that. So I ordered the diaper and fell in love with the medium. Granted, their medium is much larger than a normal medium, but for a size 38 waist like me, this was a boon. The other medium diapers fit, but just barely in their appropriate landing zones and the the larges were too big, especially the bambinos. Those would sag like crazy and cause leaks. But these dry24/7? they fit snug in the thighs, the tapes catch and hold the first time, every time, they do not stink until worn for at least 8 hours, they hold at least 2 severe wettings and many many smaller ones. I wager, if I did not flood I could wear one all day long if I kept adding diaper boosters.

    Now, though I am happy with dry 24/7 I am always looking for a new product that might be better. So I am looking to try the Wellness brief as they are about 10-15 cents cheaper a brief and claim to be every bit as good as the dry 24/7.

    My interests are writing, art, culture, theology, philosophy, and humor. I love futurama

    I have been writing a novel for 5 years and am nearly finished (it is too long and will need to be spliced into smaller books..... 3k pages is not publishable)

    What I expect to get out of this site is what I already do. New information on dealing with life in diapers, thoughts on which diapers perform well, and now that I am part of the community, offer whatever insights I may.

    TLDR version
    Hi, I am a nice guy who likes learning more about many topics. Thank you for having me!

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    Wow, what an introduction.

    Welcome to the group.

    I hope you will be as verbose in posts dealing with other topics.

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    I will certainly attempt to explore issues thoroughly

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    wow. that's quite the intro. welcome . good luck on the novel. do you have a publisher yet?

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    As of yet, no.

    I have not sought one out yet for 2 reasons.

    1. I despise authors who realize they have a hit and then drag out the story for no other reason than to sell more books, so I intend to write most if not all of the books in my novel series (7 of them) before approaching a publisher.

    2. One tip I have valued to no end is that until the work is finished it doesn't matter how much editing is done so it is my intent to finish the story, however long the work is.

    If you want an example of my writing, though it is not all that good by professional standards, I wrote an adbl novel several years ago.

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