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Thread: How do you pimp out you computer?

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    Default How do you pimp out you computer?

    I've pimped out my current system with the following (I was inspired by Linux but I don't feel a need to switch off of windows).

    1. WinHotKey (a BOSS program that allows you to easily hotkey your system to so that you can run programs, open folders, or even type specific text all with a few key strokes.

    2. Virtuawin (an excellent program that allows you to have multiple desktops with multiple programs on each running)

    3. Sixaxis, ControlMK, Winrar (with these I'm able to operate my computer using a ps3 controller. And I can play any game with it also)

    4. Emulators (with these I'm able to play nes, snes, gb, gbc, gba, gc, ps, ps2, or even x-box games. Of course I don't though, because to have the files for the games and bioses is illegal ;-)

    So how do you pimp out you computer?

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    I have a whole bunch of emulators as well, for GBA, NES, Sega ect. However, all that is legal for me because the catch is you can have the ROM as long as you own the real game as well, and I do for each and every one.

    I use a program called Yodm3D to switch between multiple desktops, which is quite handy to have sometimes. I also have a custom theme for Windows 7 installed to give it my own look, and also have a whole bunch of things in the sidebar monitoring network, GPU, CPU ect.

    And lastly I have a whole bunch of music and TV shows and such on it, keeps me entertained for hours.

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    i actually pimped the hardware on my laptop this week . i replaced the two 512mb ram moduels with 2 2gb moduels ,i also replace the intel celron m processor with a dual core processor ,i replace the broken keys on the keyboard. Its so much better now

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    I've changed icon files mostly.

    My major pimp out was my recent installation of a neon light around the edge of my laptop. I'd show pics, but it doesn't look good on camera

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    my pimp is maxing ram to 4 gb on my 5 year old dual core acer, i use ultramon for 3 monitors i use i also have cpu and gpu running i am happy this dec ill upgrade to a quad core running 8 gigs of ram cant wait

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    I only have to type a few things for this...iOS 5

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    I don't do much. the biggest changes to day have been GPU, with a new PSU (DUH) and a CMStorm sential 5600 DPI mouse. Which is worth it considering it costs just a little over then a controller for any other console.

    But gives much, much, MUCH more precise tracking. Optical mice are a joke and I don't like fooling around with mouse sensitivity in games.

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    I used to have Rainmeter, Synergy, 7Stacks, Ramdisk, Object Dock, and Boot Skin running on my machine. However, I now do a lot more multitasking for work, especially with heavy memory usage apps, I can no longer afford to waste my RAM. Most of the time, it is over 90% in use.

    Currently all I have is TrueCrypt and mICR running as "add ons".

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