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    A bit about me

    I'm a Danish guy in the late twenties (tall, slim, normal looking). I work as an environmental engineer, and I'm involved a bit in two Danish NGOs working with environmental work in developing countries.

    I love dark chocolate and belgian beer with a passion! and the Danish band "Veto". And my girlfriend of course

    (I'm DL only)

    Why did I join this site?

    Short version:
    I found this site recently while looking around for stuff, liked what I found, and decided to join.

    The somewhat longer version:
    See under "What I'm looking for here"

    Other interests

    Ok, so I already mentioned some of the things that I really like. I guess I ought to put my girlfriend on the top of the list. We've been going out since the beginning of 2008, and commuting between Denmark and "the English speaking country in Europe where she's from" up until June this year, so it's SO NICE finally to be able to live together!

    Hmm, other than that, I like food and beer in general (no, not an alcoholic or anything like it), music, playing piano (used to play in a band up until late 2006 when the band "fell apart"), travelling, learning Spanish, and watching films.

    One thing that I don't particularly enjoy is furniture shopping. We've spent ages in Ikea lately (and fortunes as well!) getting furniture for our new shared appartment. And the really great thing is - you then have the "joy" of assembling it all afterwards. Great! And at some point, all the half assembled furniture and all the cardboard and plastic wrapping just takes over the whole apartment, and you find yourself wondering if you would perhaps have been better off just keeping it simple with the initial "all open space / wooden floor design"! Luckily, we now finally have most of it put together, and sleeping in a real bed defo beats the old air mattresses, so I guess I shouldn't complain really.

    What I'm looking for here

    I'm looking for a forum to get advice about the good old "how to tell your girlfriend that you happen to like diapers" dilemma. I haven't had time to look at the articles and old posts of this forum yet, but will do so as soon as possible (as in - earliest in August, away on holidays until then). Any links to good threads or articles about the subject are warmly welcomed of course!

    Other than that - maybe if there are some good stories (with an actual, and at least somewhat believable plot to them) without any baby content, I'd be interested in that as well I guess. Again, feel free to post (or pm) links or suggestions.

    Ok, hope this introduction didn't get too long in the end.


    The Dane

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    Hi Dane, its cool thet your and environmental engineer, really good career from what I understand.

    I also love music, and wish I could have the opertunity to learn piano... maybe when I'm older and can offord leasons.

    there are a ton of people out there who have the "how do I tell her" delema. So Don't worry about it... just go to the AB forum, and make a new thread telling about your situation, and the people of this forum will do our best to give you advice.

    Hope you like adisc!


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    Thanks for the reply, will do so in August when I'm back again.

    "See you around" (on the forum at least)

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