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    Default Is this normal?

    Hi, just wondered if people think this is normal.

    I have to pee a lot-especially when I go to bed I can get up between 5-10 times in the night to pee. I have the urge to pee a lot during the day (unless its that time of the month and I have a pad on then the need to pee doesn't come as often).

    I also find when I'm in a car I cant travel more then 20-30minutes otherwise I get the urge to pee and the longer an in the car the more I need it. Have traveled a distance quite a few times like a good few hours trip and also close to wetting myself by the time we make it to where we are going unless of course there is somewhere to stop but sometimes there isnt.

    I also will add I've been like this for years.

    Is it normal?

    Thanks Hol

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    Everyone is different.

    So normal is if you have not changed then your normal for you.

    As for in general, doesn't everyone know that women can't go 30 mins without going in a group to the bathroom.

    Seriously I do think it is a big deal, you may just have a small bladder.

    But if you notice a change see a dr ASAP.

    Going to the bathroom a lot can be a sign of diabetes among other things.

    And nope I'm not a dr. Else you would have received a large bill, useless diagnoses (which you most like did receive), a few holes in your epidermis and some radiation too boot! And if your lucky maybe a majorly invasive completely useless and painfull long series of urinary tests.

    Oh did I mention the bill!


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    No, I would suggest seeing a doctor as you might have a hyper active bladder, but only a doctor will be able to find out for sure.

    In the mean time I would suggest on stocking up on a good supply of diapers or pull-ups.

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    Thanks for the replies. I don't think I've been like this forever as I know I used to wet the bed when younger not sure how old I was like. Can't really remember that much from bein little. But I've deffo been this bad since high school. Ive never worn diapers since I was a baby. Can't really buy them without the parents finding out while I'm at home-which isnt too bad as I can use the toilet and I know we ain't going on long trips.

    It's a pain to go back to Uni though as I know 20/30 mins into the journey I'll need to pee luckily it only a 45 min journey so I normally can last til then. I'll go see the doctor when I get back to Uni as that's where an registed and see what they say.

    I also forgot to mention that it doesnt matter whether I drink a lot or a little the urge is still there.

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    An important question to ask is how large of a volume is your "barely was able to hold it"? If you're able to hold a lot in, but your bladder gets refilled rapidly even if you're not taking in fluids, that could indicate one direction such as diabetes or kidney problems.

    If you get a very high urge but then find you don't have a lot to deliver when you get to the bathroom, that is more of an indication of the other direction, urge-incontinence, nerve problems, or a problem with your bladder etc.

    In any event, until you can get yourself figured out you may as well pad up when you need to. Embarrassing accidents aren't worth the risk. Also in either case there's a possible medical issue, and a visit to the doctor is suggested in case it's something that needs to be treated.

    Once you figure out what the cause is, there's a lot of resources and people here with your condition that can provide you with more help.

    Normal max bladder capacity seems to vary quite a bit, but you should be able to hold between 400-800mL. I'd call 300mL the break point.

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    Well the last time I was barely able to hold it and was literally seconds of wetting myself in the car-my mum was telling me to just wet myself if I was that desperate. I don't think I actually went that much. I had been sat holding it for about an hour. Not long after though I needed to go again.

    I also mainly in the night always have the need to go at least 5 times before I fall to sleep, and I only go a little. But then wake up a few times to go in night as well again not much depending. If I'm in a deep sleep then I don't really get up-but I don't wet the bed I tend to go in morning a lot but if I'm in a light sleep then I have to go as soon as I wake up. Which is a pain.

    Thanks for help, going to go see a doctor when am back at uni, don't have any long journeys planned so should be okay. As am in house all time so can easily go when needed just a pain when I have to go ever two seconds. Although now I hold it for a bit so am not up and down ever two seconds.

    I thought I might also add, I wear panty liners when it's not that time of the month because if I don't. I find that my pants do get wet only a little though. So must be leaking without knowing it.

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    I'd suggest a doctor visit.

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