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Thread: Hello from Washington, UhOhSpaghettio (Newbie)

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    Default Hello from Washington, UhOhSpaghettio (Newbie)

    I am new to finding this site completely on my own...I hope I can find a place to share my likes and wants with others just like me...i have known since I was 10yrs old that there was something different about me, I enjoyed being babyish, I would sneak and hide my bottle, the use of my favorite binkies, and having favorite blankies and such...I occassionally suck my thumb, depends on my mood, and enjoy either having my binky or milk bottle at night. Diapers have been hard, since I usually only get them at the regular grocery store and didn't know what to say when they were found. I am an adult now, and have never opened up to anyone till tonight. At least here I know I will be welcomed with open arms and find some fun play/chat mates. Looking forward to sharing about products that I like and dont like, and where I can find a bigger binky

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    And you ask about my cute name.....well Spaghttios happen to be one of my favorite foods....
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    Ooooh Spaghettios! I'm sure in the UK they're called spaghetti hoops, and if they're the same thing then I love love love them!

    Now, tell us a little bit about yourself outside of the AB/DL aspect of your life! Obviously that's a common thread for everyone who's here, so what makes you unique? What sports do you play or watch, or hobbies do you have? What sorts of books do you enjoy reading? We want to know all that stuff since we're all about the community here, and we talk about so much more than just diapers and other AB paraphanalia!

    Welcome to adisc! I'm looking forward to hearing more from you soon

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    Our name brand of the product here is Chef Boyardee...Anyhow yes I am sure they are similar.....
    A little more about my otherside of life....I am a single mom to a very sweet daughter....We enjoy the outdoors, gardening...I enjoy crafts like sewing, crocheting, knitting, making wears for me and my daughter or for others...I do enjoy reading my latest reading adventure was reading the set of Twilight books...I also enjoy true crime books as well...I have also read my fair share of parenting books...My daughter has some minor health issues and such and the DUMB Docs here in teh USA wont listen to me....Go figure I live with her 24/7, need I say more....LOL

    I have had trouble or struggled up till now with finding my true self, and I have known to myself for years now that I am who I am...but never have tried to connect with others like me...and won't bother telling my family cause well they are just so negative and dysfunctional as it is anyhow.....I deal with enough of that in the raising of my child and me being an adult....LOL

    Not sure where else to go from here, other than ask and I may tell....LOL....Look forward to the new friendships!!

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    Hi there! Welcome to the forums! Hope your stay is enjoyable :3

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    Quote Originally Posted by UhOhSpaghettios View Post
    have never opened up to anyone till tonight. At least here I know I will be welcomed with open arms

    Quote Originally Posted by UhOhSpaghettios View Post
    I have had trouble or struggled up till now with finding my true self
    You are expressing very common themes here. Many of us struggled to find ourselves and came here hoping to find the support of a caring community and new friends.

    May I extend a warm welcome to you. May you find all you hope and more than you expect from us.

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    I agree, many people have struggled or still are! I am also trying to use this website to find myself, open up and feel accepted and so far it had been great. Welcome!

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    Ah, you're way north from where I'm at! Beautiful country up there! Welcome to the forums; I hope you enjoy it!

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