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Thread: Bladder Problems *Update*

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    Default Bladder Problems *Update*

    For as long as I can remember I have peed a LOT more than anyone I know. Recently however I have noticed it getting worse. I just saw Harry Potter and was infuriated that I had to get up to pee four times during the film.

    That incident has inspired me to do some researching and I think I may have an Overactive Bladder. (Diagnosing yourself using the internet is scientifically proven to be consistently accurate and helpful to health care professionals.) As a result, I have been keeping track of how often I pee.

    Today I have used the restroom fourteen times in eleven hours.

    I'm pretty sure that's not normal.

    I do have epilepsy, and I'm thinking that maybe this might be somehow related to that or my medication (again, WebMD said it could be neurological, and the internet CAN'T BE WRONG!)

    I get the urge frequently, I rarely feel like I don't have to pee just a little bit, but I've never had to run to the bathroom in an emergency, nor have I ever "barely made it". If I ever leak it's just a few drops AFTER I use the restroom. Only one time did I find a few wet spots before hand, and that was while I really had to go and was stuck in rush hour traffic. (I almost peed in a bottle). I have never wet the bed except for one time last semester when I fell asleep after taking some melatonin and slept through my first class the next morning. However, I was diapered at the time and I wasn't sure if I had wet it the night before or not.

    I'm seeing my neurologist on Thursday for a yearly check up and I'm going to ask him about it, he might just send me to a urologist as a result.

    My question to you, adisc community, is have any of you dealt with these kinds of symptoms, what was it, and most importantly, how was it treated. Medication, bladder training, diapers, etc.

    I'm only 20 years old, so I'm hoping it's nothing to serious.

    Thanks a bunch,


    Saw my neurologist, determined that this is not related to my epilepsy or my medication. New appointment with my personal doctor for some tests. (Looks like we're going to try and rule out diabetes right away).

    Thank you all for all of your replies! I'll update when I know more.
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    Well something you should add to the journal is not just how often, but how much. Like in seconds, or whether it's a few drops, or a full empty, something like that. Also measure your intake, cause if you drink a lot, a lot will come out. I know I didn't answer your question, but figured since you're seeing a doctor any little information helps.

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    I think some doctors would rather have you describe the smptoms and see your journal than have the issue clouded by internet self diagnosis - you read the information and then it is hard not to describe things in the way you have just been reading about! Bladder problems are not a "no brainer" for a doctor and can have many cuases. It is not uncommon for a urologist to refer to a neurologist and as you are already seeing one you may find that they are very interested in what you are reporting because it will add to their picture of your overall condition.

    Good luck and by getting this looked at quickly you must have the best chance of getting it sorted.

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    The symptoms that you describe certainly fit those of an overactive bladder. Unless you were drinking a great deal of fluid, urinating 14 times in 11 hours is quite unusually frequent. There are a number of drugs that have been developed to treat overactive bladder. Your doctor will most likely run a few tests on your urine (to rule out infection) and then prescribe one of the drugs.

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    Frequent urination is also a sign of diabetes. I'm sure your doctor will figure this out. Good luck.

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    Not a exspert on the subject, but I have gone through some what the same thing.

    I have found that the more caffine products I drink the more I need to go, same with anything with alcohol in it.

    Water on the other hand has little effect on me as far as needing to go more often.

    An over active bladder can be caused by many different things and is best to be seen by the doctors who will have a more educated guess as to the problem than you or I.
    Doctors are not to be considdered exsperts as what they do is called a practice, and doctors have killed off many a person practicing medicine.
    Always get a second opinion from a second doctor.

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    Quote Originally Posted by lonnie View Post
    Not a exspert on the subject, but I have gone through some what the same thing.

    I have found that the more caffine products I drink the more I need to go, same with anything with alcohol in it.
    For the record, both of these things are natural diuretics, which is why you are experiencing such things.

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    Quote Originally Posted by WBDaddy View Post
    For the record, both of these things are natural diuretics, which is why you are experiencing such things.

    Yes, I now know that, but back when I was haveing the problem I did not know that information, I was informed by my doctor many years ago as to the diuretic affect of caffeen and alcohol.

    That is why I now limit my intake of either one unless I decide I want a rather wet diaper day.

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    Wow, thanks everyone! I'll post something after the appointment.

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    I have a urology appt coming up, and one of the things I need to do is for three days before my appointment record what time I get up at, how much I drink, and the VOLUME which I pee at any one time. I've not done it yet, but I'm not looking forward to carrying a measuring cup around with me for three days!

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