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Thread: Physical abuse and the DL fetish

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    Default Physical abuse and the DL fetish

    Having joined this site recently, I've been reading some threads and I've come across the mention of a connection between having been physically abused and the later manifestation of a diaper fetish. Looking back, I realize that what I have up to now considered to be appropriate punishment in my youth may in fact have been slightly abusive. In particular, my usual punishment for when I screwed up was getting hit with a leather belt across the bare backside. I grew up in the 80's and feel it was much more common back then to use hitting sessions as punishment, but seeing the way my cousins raise their kids without ever hitting them has made me wonder if there is a connection between my fetish and how I was punished as a kid.

    Any thoughts?

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    I'm not sure, but I know I was abused, and there's where i got my DL / slight TBism from. I was 2, my mom died, my dad turned into an alcoholic, and he came home one night and beat me. I don't remember it at all, though. That's how I got adopted into my new family, and I found out I was adopted this year.
    I'm 15 now.

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    Sorry to hear about that, Mike. What was it like finding out you are adopted at your age? I was adopted too, but I was 3 months old.
    I don't hold anything against my parents. Like I said, it was much more accepted back then, and I think it was just how my dad was raised that lead him to use hitting as a punishment. I'm really just curious as to how many others have a similar story. Thanks for your reply.
    BTW, I see you're from Michigan. I just got back from there last night after visiting my family. Both of my parents are from up there, and I've spent a lot of time travelling all over the state. I love it!

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    I'm of the opinion that you can correlate any previous experience and with any later behavior and while you can certainly influence later behavior with early childhood experience trying to figure out what causes what is so complex as to be pointless to try and figure out, especially without some serious and very long running studies and knowledge and experience to understand those studies.

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    *shrug* I've never been physically abused. I had crappy parents and a poor start in life psychologically and emotionally, but no physical punishments.

    I have seen a clear connection between particular parenting styles and AB/DLism, though. Americans describe it as "helicopter parenting"; parents who are constantly hovering and pressurising the child to succeed, but who never offer much in the way of nurturance or support. Not hard to see how that might create a deep-seated need to replace what was missed. There's an excellent poll elsewhere on the site that shows pretty clearly that eldest and only children - the ones who get most parental pressure - are most likely to be AB/DL.

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    Thanks for the reply, tinyfish. It's funny that you mention that. I would never have described my parents as "helicopter parents," but they did give me a lot of pressure to succeed and do well, especially around when I reached puberty and started middle school. I know that my interest in diapers predates that, but it could be that it was reinforced and crystallized during that time. I am also an only child... Interesting... I'll have to look around for that poll.

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    I had (and still have) great parents. I was never abused physically or verbally, and while they were sometimes over-protective, they were still very supportive of me. So, at least in my case, I don't think my parents caused my interest in diapers. The closest thing I had to abuse was the usual "brotherly love" I got from my older brother. :P

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    I have had a Great Childhood, no abuse, great parents, no abuse, or anything and Im a DL

    So yea...Idk its possible but not the only thing involved.

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    I grew up in a domestic violence household although, like billythemountain, thought this was normal and approproate. My dad was emotionally absent in my childhood and would only interact with me and my siblings to administer punishments, usually random explosions of anger, shouting and violence. My mum was present and I know she hated it, but because she grew up with domestic violent (my grandad drunkenly attacking my grandmother) my mum thought she just had to let it happen, and make up for it by overbearing mothering when my dad wasn't around.

    Obviously I wasn't discaplined as a baby (think it started when I was a toddler) so I don't know but it would make sense that I regress to time before that trauma.

    Sorry for the heavy post, good news is I'm going to see a councellor soon; not to deal with the the dl, but to deal with the flashbacks of violence. If I get 'fixed' and my diaper-lovingness also disappears, I'll let you know =)

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    Butterfly Mage


    I grew up in a pretty abusive household. It didn't make me gay or a DL. It did, however, give me a dissociative disorder.

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