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Thread: Anyone good with GIMP?

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    Default Anyone good with GIMP?

    Hey, was wondering if anyone here was any good at GIMP. My avatar is shoddily put together by yours truly, and I'd like to make it look much better. I'd feel like a dick to ask if someone could improve it for me, so I'll just make it myself, if anyone knows any good tips to make it more appealing to the eye.

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    Increase the symbol size slightly. Yellow on brown also isn't an appealing match at all, try going for something a little darker as a background but keeping the same mottled texture? Or failing that, a new one entirely. :3
    Good luck finding/making your perfect avatar!

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    Brushes, and blending... That's a big thing for things like this.

    Try looking at Gimp Tutorials - Search for Gimp Tutorials on Pixel2Life

    They have great photoshop tutorials for just about anything. I'm sure the same exists for their gimp category.

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    The only thing about my avatar that I want to stick is the whole "Delta" letter. I feel as if that symbol is a big part of who I am and how I act.

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    I'd suggest some shadow, highlight or emboss on the symbol. Just something to differentiate from the background a bit.

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    im great with photoshop i can do something to your request i guess.

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    If it wouldn't bother you, could you do something like a dark background, and the Delta symbol having a blast of light emitting from it?

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