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Thread: 1997 honda crv overheating

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    Default 1997 honda crv overheating

    i just changed the cylinder head casket on my honda crv and its still overheats when i climb for a while.need some help to diagnos that both fans clicks on,my radiator is filled with antifreeze,i have changed all my hoses,i took off the thermostat a long time ago.can i have some suggestions please

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    I do believe you have mistaken this forum for an automotive group.

    We work on cars wearing diapers around here.

    If you have the correct forum, then I must shake my head and say that it is one of the worst intros I've ever seen. So perhaps you could tell us something, anything about you other than inferences that you have a car and are capable of working on it.

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    You may have air pockets still trapped in the lines that are either preventing the thermostat from opening, or causing pump cavitation. When you installed the thermostat, did you ensure that the small bleed hole at the top was facing up? If it's not, air will be prevented from escaping the system properly. You could also try massaging the bubbles out of the radiator hoses with the radiator cap off, without the engine running. Press some air pockets out of the hoses, refill the radiator, run the engine, and repeat the process until no more air comes out.

    Failing that, are you sure your headgasket sealed properly after the job? Did you get the head resurfaced and checked for flatness at a machine shop?

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    ditto, Abu. if you can't find any bleed points on the cooling system, run the engine until hot and then slowly and carefully loosen the radiator cap to allow any excess air to escape (if the engine heats up quickly, you can run it 'til hot with the cap already loosened - to save getting scalded).

    also, did you flush the cooling system before putting it all back together?
    and the silly-but-but-easily-done-if-you're-rushing: has it got the right amount of engine oil in it?
    and another silly one: did you get the right gasket?

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