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    So this could go in ab, but I saw it fitting more in off topic. I went to walmart today in quest for food; I hate walmart but the gift card from graduation= free food was enough to convince me. I walked by the cosmetics and some bright colors attracted the attention of my good eye. Upon closer inspection the pretty colors revealed to be crayola nail polish. 5 in a pack for $4.50. Now I ended up buying it because each color was a different scent. So now my fingers smell like grape and my toes smell of blueberry. Kids nail polish can sorta make ya feel little, especially scented.

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    wow!! that must have made your day..i bet you spent all day sniffing and admiring your new nails!! why did you choose grape for your fingers and blueberry for your toes..why not the other way around..hummmmm :P

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    I would love to try this sometime, if I am actually able to paint my nails someday.

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    Cute, I'll bet you are quite the distraction with your freshly painted nails smelling like candy. Most of that stuff smells something like jollyranchers to me.
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    Very cute!

    Personally I wear a very light blue (yet very electric blue) nail polish that pulls off this kid-vibe. At least to me. Now I'm in search of a nice orange shade.

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