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    Well as posted on the art contest thread I am a Ceramic artist by trade. I teach right now, though also do shows and festivals. Virginia Smith - Free Artist Portfolio at

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    I draw alot in my free time, there isn't a certain thing that I always draw, I just draw whatever I feel like to draw at the time.

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    I draw a lot of stuff. Mostly pen on paper kinda stuff, but I like experimenting with new ideas.

    Edit: 800 posts, BIATCH!

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    Heh I never answered.

    Well I draw Mostly digital art though I dable in traditional art.

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    Raaaar. *raises hand*

    I like to think of myself as an artist. Sometimes I don't do as much art as I ought, but when the mood hits, or I have an assignment to do... tehehe. I currently go to SVA in Manhattan for cartooning. I mostly like digital coloring and little comics, though I like working with watercolors and stuff too. Finally got a chance to work with oil painting this year.

    I have a deviantart I update sometmes. XD Not much into deviantart. shubar on deviantART

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    I do draw but I can only reproduce existing art. I can't draw that well when it just comes from my head but I can take the DVD cover of a DBZ movie and draw it really well.

    If anyone is takeing requests please let me know in a PM because I need something drawn.

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