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    so... that match was actually exciting? I don't think I've ever seen women play the beautiful game so well in the past decade (I missed the us/brazil match. was out). but this match is making it very hard for me to make chauvinistic jokes to my lady friends that play the sport .

    edit: well we lost on penalties :/
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    I'm half between disappointment, and wanting to go smash some stuff (well not really wanting to smash something, but am pissed off). To choke the game away like that was just embarrassing. Can't make jokes with friends, but at least can save the game on tape, in case they need examples of how not to take PKs. Terrible Terrible job.

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    Were the US players taking penalty lessons from the England team? Seemed that way to me :P

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    Turn on the game with about just less the 20 mins in regulation time.

    YAYYY, we scored!

    FUUUUU What the hell 2 USA women choke on defending against one woman!?!?

    ::Rage turns off TV::

    Later online hear US scored then japan scored then japan wins in plenty kicks as every "good" score game does.

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    I'm impressed by the women's game. An excellent championship final, yep, we played great possession soccer. What? Oh yeah, we need to finish. Way too many chances on goal squandered. And, it just seemed like we gave up defending and concentrating at the very end. PK's are easy if you concentrate. Those girls did not concentrate. Exactly like Brazil lost to us a week ago.

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    I caught the end of the game cause I slept for a while after being up til 6am this morning working on various different little projects. I was hoping the US would have won like they did in '99 at the Rose Bowl. I enjoyed the game what I saw of it though. USA going as far as they did, surprised me. I think Japan also had that emotional edge given the tragedy that hit Japan back in March.


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    That was a really great game. Very similar to the US-Brazil game in some ways. I'm really happy Japan won, I kind of adopted them as my team after their victory against Germany - always nice to see a team essentially come out of nowhere to win a major championship. Japan has heart and skills, and they managed to pull that one of their hats despite being outplayed by the US on the day.

    But ya, it's because of games like there that I like football

    And to be honest I'm really surprised by the final this year - the US qualified third in North America (they actually had to go into a playoff with Italy just to make it to the world cup) and Japan qualified third in Asia - not to mention that both teams had a loss in pool play (the US to Sweden and Japan to England). Really goes to show how much more parity there is in the women's game now than a few years ago.

    Also, PKs are easy in practice. They are not so easy when something is on the line, though. That and frankly penalty shoot-outs in Football are pretty much all luck anyway

    Edit: actually, Japan has not even ever won a women's Asian Cup. Think about that, they are world champion but have never won their continental championships in well over 15 attempts O.O

    If you had told me before this tournament that Japan would win, I would have called you insane.
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