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Thread: OK, So The "My Mom Kept Me In Diapers" Story May Not Be False

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    Default OK, So The "My Mom Kept Me In Diapers" Story May Not Be False

    Mom Kept Kids in Diapers To Stop Them from Growing Up

    So next time someone mentions a back story like that just remember to ask if they're from Australia.

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    I don't find it to surprising, but whenever someone claims this happened to them. There's normally multiple holes in their story if they ever explain "what happened" in detail. Plus normally whoever tells these kinds of stories are put back into diapers 24/7, not that they were never potty trained.

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    Most of these storys are fake ones about being put back into diapers at older ages. Where this woman didn't potty train her 5 year old son much different, but who knows maybe he will grow up to be a Ab

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    That woman should have had all contact with her children severed, given her abusive parenting techniques. Kids do tend to remember details like that when they grow up to be adults.

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    Butterfly Mage


    Geez! The mom is this story reminds me if the mother of a college buddy of mine. The mom is question did potty train her son, but that's about it. She never taught him to cook, prepare a grocery list, wash clothes, use an iron, drive, change a flat tire, balance a checkbook, read a map, use the Yellow Pages, analyze the ingredients list in prepackaged foods, or make up the bed. Why not, you might ask? Because she wanted him to never grow up and move out.He didn't move out until he was 35. Blech

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    Sadly these kind of things are not that unusual - sometimes it is just lazyness on a parents part because as (in a case I am aware of) mum found cheap diapers a "easier" alternative to training her 7 year old to be dry at night - if he wet the bed it meant work for her, and she took the easy way out by encouraging him to accept being in a nappy against his wishes.

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    Training her seven year old to be dry at night? What happened to love and acceptance for something beyond a child's control. Or is what happens while we are unconscious beyond that possibility?

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    Stories like these make me wish adults needed a license to be a parent and take parenting classes. I feel really sorry for the kid and hope the mother gets whats coming to her.

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    Quote Originally Posted by PamperedPrincess View Post
    Stories like these make me wish adults needed a license to be a parent and take parenting classes.
    The whole sterilizing mentally ill people has been done before. It never works out the way it was intended and governments got tired of being sued.

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    i think this is a little beyond the reach of the courts.. whos to say whats child abuse. medically incontinent children are seen as better people for having such a character building experience! if this was abuse then every incontinent person would be wards of the state, murderers, and general crazies (as the courts seem to think will happen to these kids if they are with their mother)

    whats gonna fuck up a kid worse, diapers or growing up without mommy.

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