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    Hi i have been a Dl for as long as i can remember i have been active on other forums but found this site and it looks really good so became a member..

    i told my girlfriend about my interests in Dl and as luck would have it she participated and now is a Dl to.

    Thanks for looking

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    Welcome to Adisc 00hughj. YOu are one very lucky guy to have a loving girlfriend who respects your fetishes and are extremely lucky that she took up your habit and made it her own. I wish my girlfriend would do that...

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    Welcome! Would you mind going in to more details about your GF? I find it quite intresting and would like to hear more about what happened. On bigger point, would you mind sharing a bit of your non-DL life. We all share one common trait, we love diapers or have to use them so if you just tell us what's obvious what's going to make you special? Point in making introduction is telling people something that they can relate to. Through this relation you get to have new friends. Lets start with your hobbies, shall we?

    By the way, what's the name of that another board? Some of us might be familiar with it and you might have some of your old friends as well as people who just didn't have guts to reply back then.

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    I have been lucky too. While, sadly, I didn't get mine past trying some stuff out, and participating actively they were still cool with my interests, and proved trustworthy with my secrets. I did right to let them know about that side of me.

    I suggest to people, especially straight people, that the chances of getting a partner who isn't already into our "thing" to embrace it are low, it's a good strategy to date open-minded, kinky others. Then if you indulge their little quirks they''ll indulge yours... maybe they'll get into it enough to have fun even if the fun isn't as deep or intense as yours... you'll at least have someone who understands, who "gets it" - and the world will be that little bit more aware, informed, tolerant, and encouraging.

    You came to the right place, and it's good you're here. You are among friends.

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