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Thread: why do i have this?

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    Default why do i have this?

    I didn't ask to have these urges, I just have them. I bugs me so much, why do I have to be this way? I don't like but at the same time I want it. Its a bad cycle.

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    A diaper fetish can be random. In fact, it usually is random. It's something you're born with, and it probably won't go away.
    However, it can also be caused my childhood trauma, such as beating (which is my case) or molestation.
    Nobody really knows why most people get diaper fetishes, it's very random.

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    Sometimes I use to think out of all the people in the world very few people have this fetish and I'm one of them... Also the same with bedwetting since I just stopped recently and I'm 14... It had to be me for 14 long years of hiding it from friends to save myself from certain embarrassment. I actually like bein a dl but yah life can be a bitch sometimes

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    In anything that one person has its just a natural urge and nothing to worry about. Two things that I have had to go through and accept along these lines is my *B/DL ness and my sexual orientation. Both are things that at first you feel like its nothing, then you regret it, then you learn more and more about it, and eventually you can accept it. Fetishes are hard to trace origins and causes but unless you get it out of practice from a significant other its pretty much hard-wired into your brain (I apologize for this reference if it is disturbing but that's how I learned it as). Repressing it doesn't help but if I were you stop thinking its an abnormality and thinking that something is wrong with you and just let it ease through towards a way where it is more comfortable and willing for yourself to practice it happily and care-free.

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    Even though liking diapers can be embarrassing and damaging to one's self image, there are far worse things that could be in play, so be glad it's this one instead of the dysfunctional ones. Then remember there are young children who develop cancer or leukemia, so it could be worse.

    What you want to achieve is some sense of balance between wearing diapers, and living an otherwise normal life. Trying to achieve that normal life is why we usually advise members from telling others/having to share this desire with others who most likely, won't understand.

    Also remember that it is only a part of your life. Everything in the world is open to you, your career choices, hobbies and enjoyments, and even marrying, as I am. Don't let it control you, but rather you control it. We do that, by indulging when it doesn't infringe on other people's space or sensibilities. I've been doing it most of my life, and it has worked out for me, so hold your head high. You are no less a person because you were born this way. It's just a condition that must be balanced with the rest of your life.

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    You have these desires, so the best you can do is make the most of the situation you have been dealt with. This does not mean you are doomed to be a freakshow. There are countless people who manage to be productive citizens in their community even with fetishes like this one in their makeup.

    The best advice I can give to you is to focus on building and enhancing your strengths, and the ABDL stuff will work itself out in the meanwhile. You have to remember that this is pretty far from your entirety.

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    I hear you..
    I didn't start really enjoying the fetish until about 9 months ago, but i always remember having a thing for diapers.. Some of my earliest memories from around age 8 involved sneaking diapers with some friends.. up to age 10 and being jelous of a friends little brother, who had diapers in his room for bed wetting.. 15 and i recall sneaking a few adult diapers from grandpa after he had a stroke... It's always been an on and off thing, and up until this year, mostly off, including nothing for the last 10 years.. and now i wear 24/7 for periods of up to a week, semi-frequently..
    I cant think of anything in my past that would be a cause/trigger for this fetish.. i wasnt abused or anything, had an a-typical normal childhood.. meh..

    I guess it just comes down to being comfortable with yourself. eventually, you just learn to accept yourself. There are times i dont like it, i look at myself and think freak.. (but then i have worse fetishes than diapers...), but end of the day, it makes me feel good, and doesn't hurt anyone, so why not..

    so to the original comment. Yes what you are going through is normal, yes, I think we all feel the same way sometimes, and no, unfortunately, it never really quite goes away (at least in my experience)

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    Quote Originally Posted by KaworuVsDrWily View Post
    The best advice I can give to you is to focus on building and enhancing your strengths, and the ABDL stuff will work itself out in the meanwhile. You have to remember that this is pretty far from your entirety.
    ^^^ agreed. Thats good advise, regardless of what topic we are talking about. Remember this fetish is at the end just a really really small part of your overall life, it doesn't have to consume your life, and remember to just focus on living, and enjoy diapers when you have time..
    My wife and I have a very busy life, with kids, and honestly sometimes kink doesn't make it's way into our lives for weeks at a time (diapers included).. Life takes over most of the time, and that can be a good thing.

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    instead of worrying about your fetish, you must embrace it. make it feel like you are regular. you know that every single person has worn a diaper before. if you tell your friends, you will still be accepted.

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