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Thread: Hi All, new here!?

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    Default Hi All, new here!?

    Hi People,

    Am new here not sure where I fit though-came across this site by accident. Before I found this I thought I was just some wierdo. Anyway I'm not really sure what am supposed to say here but I guess everyone in same boat to begin with.

    I from a very youn age-I can't remember the age by I know I was young was wanting to wear a diaper and that-it seems strange writing it. And I also want a dummy never had one as a child but I did take my cousins. I remember being about 11ish or older and saying to my mam that I wanted one needless to say she was shocked and like why and I was like I don't know why I just do.
    I've also had this obsession with people wetting or messing/soiling themselves. I've also been quite aware and terrified that ill wet myself. I go to the toilet a lot I think I have a small bladder. Erm anyway I did when I lived at home use towels as a make shift diaper neve wet them like as it would become obvious but I always wanted to.

    Then I started university and one night couldn't sleep at all so thought I'd have ago at wetting myself and I kind of liked it although felt ashamed after I'd done it. Needless to say I did again a few day later. Couldn't do it too often though as I dont do my own washing. I also messed/soiled myself which was kind of fun.

    Since finding this site i really want to try nappies because this it what I've been obsessed about since being little-not sure why.

    I'm nervous about it though because I don't want to end up wetting or messing myself when am not in one-will this happen? And I want to wear one to bed to see if I would wake up wet or dry the next morning as I used to wet the bed often as a child. I get up about ten times now to go for a wee to make sure that doesn't happen. I am nervous about buying some-will have to wait til September when am back at university go try this though. I'm unsure what to buy I dont want to buy adult ones as I'll get embarrassed would child ones fit an adult?

    I'm also going to mention I'm not very grown up infact I dont think iver grown up mentally at all-I still feel like a kid not sure how old but defiantly child like. People think I'm strange that I know as in my friends and am sure my family do too.

    Thanks for reading if you did get through it all and hope for some replys. You all seem like a friendly bunch on here.

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    First off - whoa! Awesome intro!
    Secondly - hurrah for another UK'er!

    You are not alone in your childhood discovery of nappies and the like - there are many here with similar stories, so feel free to get involved and learn from them all!
    On which note, wearing or using nappies will not (for a while) change your bladder habits, so no need to worry massively! I can personally recommend trying them while away at University, though... It removes a few of the barriers that come with being at home, and generally feels like a new, experimental environment I found. I wish you luck!

    Now... To get to know you more...

    What is it you're studying at University? (Don't worry if you don't want to say - could you hint at it?)
    Pepsi or Coke?
    Do you hate John Barrowman?
    What colour eyes do you have?
    Carpet or floorboards?

    Welcome again - hope you stick around here to make friends and fit into our lovely little family.

    Dan x

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    I wasnt sure how much info I should give in an introduction and may have gotten carried away as I've never spoken to anyone about it-I don't trust people that I know really. I really am strange.
    I am considering giving it ago then-hope I can pluck up sons courage to buy some though.

    I'm studying in the west Yorkshire region-I think it is anyway never was good at geography haha
    Pepsi if it's from the cinema or from a machine thing like them and coke if it's from a bottle or can. I find pepsi to fizzy from can and bottle.
    I don't hate people never have and never will even though there are certain people I should hate. I like torchwood-he is captian jack-right?
    I believe I have green eyes!
    Floorboards-have a dog and hate hoofing carpets much easier to sweep up dog hairs and cat hairs.

    Hol x

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    Aha! Yeah that makes good sense! I only have a chinchilla myself, so... Hair isn't a problem!

    West Yorkshire... Nice part of the world, albeit a vague one I shall simply say I like Leeds And Flamingo Land!

    RE: Your Pepsi/Coke dilemna... I find the opposite to be true! I prefer Pepsi in a bottle or can, and Coke from the pump! That's weird! Chalk-and-cheese!

    I applaud your ability not to 'hate' people, though it pains me to do so You're obviously a bigger person than me! He does play Captain Jack, yes, and he really, really gets on my nerves. All-singing, all-dancing, all-fucking-gay-stereotyped, over-hyped, cheesy American twatbag. Sorry. Rant over.

    Green eyes - interesting. Red hair? Mine are blue. I think.

    Pleased you're not totally against trying out nappies - hopefully you'll glean some advice and/or tips from your time here which could help you, and hopefully you'll stay in touch and let us know your progress!

    And I think a lot of us felt the same when introducing here... I know I'd never spoken about it before I did it here, so it's definitely nerve-wracking. You just gotta remember we're all here for the same reason as you, and that we actually care more about you as a person than we do about your diaper exploits

    Dan x

    P.S Not trusting people easily does not make you strange. If anything, it will take you far.

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    I love a chinchilla. But I'm thinking about getting a ferret.

    Well am an half hour train journey from Leeds.

    Yeah it's strange.

    I like torchwood-haven't seen him in anything eles

    No dark brownish. Or light brown sometimes

    I realize I didn't really say anything about my self in the original post so I'll be writing some about me later on.

    And I hate not bein able to trust people-I don't even trust my friends.

    Hol x

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    Yay, awesomeness!

    I realise now that my questions were largely abstract and actually did very little to get to know you as a person...!

    Also: Ferrets terrify me. I nearly got one instead of Kiki the Chinchilla, but they're scary little b*****ds.

    I look forward to hearing about you more

    Dan x

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    Wow, it sounds like you got into DL exactly the same way I did, but I started actually getting/wearing diapers when I was younger.

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    I realize my first post didn't really say anything about me-I was nervous about writing on here so didn't know what to put. So here's abit about me;

    I'm at university doing a course about media editing and whatnot. Really enjoying it. I love going to the cinema and watching films and tv-I have over 600 DVDs and about 20 or more different box sets. All in alphabetical order. I'm slowly getting into listening to music and have a few CDs now hoping to grow my collection as big a my DVD collection. I love drawing and taking photographs mainly of animals. I love animals too-dogs being my favorite but I like all animals. I also like collecting coins and packs of cards and celebrity autographs. Not sure what eles there is to say. If I think of anything eles I add it later.

    Hol x

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