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Thread: Breakfast, anyone?

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    Default Breakfast, anyone?

    This poll is very simple.

    How often do you eat breakfast?

    I usually eat a cup of Greek yogurt with some flaxseed mixed in, and a couple pieces of fruit (usually an apple and a banana), with a glass of 2% milk. That's my breakfast most mornings. It's simple and relatively healthy.

    It's the most important meal of the day. ^_^

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    I usually don't have enough time to eat when I get up, particularly when in school. When classes are in session, I might have a snack after my first class, though. Currently, I'm working over the summer, so I will occasionally pack a yogurt and/or cereal to snack on when I get to work.

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    I love breakfast!

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    i love breakfast but can't eat it on school mornings, for many reasons, but the most is anxiety.
    durring the summer I eat it almost every morning I'm awake, unless I have somewhere to go early D:

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    Same!! Greek God Yogurt wit Granola. I drink Almond milk or Hemp Milk.. and some sausages. Weekends are special!! I make Buckwheat Pancakes!

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    Hardly ever. I have no time, nor, usually, the correct ingredients.

    Plus, I truly hate cooking for myself, so even if I have bacon/sausages/whatever in the fridge, they always end up going off and getting chucked.

    I hate my life!

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    I rarely do, I'm not a major fan of breakfast to be fair. Usually if I have it, it is more towards quite late at night. But that is rare I even have it over something else, generally I don't keep any breakfast stuff in my house as it goes to waste quicker then I use it.

    When I do have breakfast, it usually isn't very fancy. Generally I'll have eggs and toast, maybe some sausage now and then. I love pancakes, but those are mostly if I go out and eat somewhere, as I get lazy when it comes to cooking at home and don't want to spend the time making them (eggs are easier =P). Only downside with eggs, for me, is I still haven't mastered making them over-easy =/

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    I'm a very big fan of breakfast. In college, I had a banana, Cliff Builders protein bar, and a glass of fat-free milk every single day (no hyperbole!). I also really like oatmeal and french toast on some mornings.

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    I'm not sure how to answer this one. I almost always eat a meal when I get up, however the times I eat breakfast foods are rare. Take yesterday for example, the meal I ate within two hours of waking up consisted of hot wings, and caribbean jerked chicken.

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