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    Hey, today I got my first ever Molicare Super Plus and Tene Serenity Super Plus women's underwear. The molicare briefs are SOOOO much better than the Depends I've been stuck with! Definitly feel a little noticeable in public.

    I'm very suprised with the Tenas. They fit very well for a non-adjustable pull-up, and they are suprisingly thick for a pull up.

    This is just my first time with premium brands, just wanted to post my excitement!

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    I placed order for tena slip and waiting for them to arrive! I was hoping it would arrive on Friday but did quite happen sadly TT

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    Yes, you can only get the Tena Slip in Europe but the Molicares are better. So is Abena, I love how thick, soft and absorbent the are.

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    Molicares are my favorites. They just feel so great and actually breathe a bit when you wear them. The color doesn't bother me at all, which is a plus.

    I like my abenas but I really regretted getting them instead of molicares after I tried my molicare sample pack =p

    Both are still great diapers IMO

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