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Thread: I feel insane!!!!!!

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    Unhappy I feel insane!!!!!!

    Ok im fairly new to Dl/TB world and am begining to feel insane. Is there ANYONE who can relate and give me some advice

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    becausr I don't know why I like this stuff and it's driving me up the wall

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    I just don't know what to do. I feel like I'm an "outsider" in all this.

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    is it excitement? or anxiety? Sometimes feelings feel like a pressure cooker.. you have to have a place to let the steam out or you will bust! kinda like the saying pressure busts pipes.. maybe you should take a some yummy some cartoons.. bounce on your teddy bears.. and release some of that energy!! YEAAAH!!

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    Just remember, there really is no normal here on ADISC, or anywhere in real life for that matter. Having Asperger's syndrome, I often felt like an outsider/abnormal in the real world. While I do not know exactly why I am a TB/DL, I do have an educated guess as to how I became a TB/DL. The only way you can truly deal with this desire is by accepting yourself. I am glad you came here to ADISC to discuss your feelings with us, and I want you to know we will be there for you. I think you will do great here.

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    Many people don't know what has caused their *b/dl desires, they may have theories, but many have no idea exactly why.
    If you were toilet trained late, that is a common theory, maybe you just thought about babies==care free, therefore acting like one is relaxing.
    The only answer is locked inside your mind, but you might never be sure why you have these tendencies, but hey, at least you're not alone!

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    Quote Originally Posted by insane View Post
    Ok im fairly new to Dl/TB world and am begining to feel insane. Is there ANYONE who can relate and give me some advice
    first off, you can start by telling us how you got to be into dl/ab-ism, what kind of things you do, how you came to here, etc; and in doing so, you may find some of your own answers and we may also be able to relate to whatever it is you're struggling with.

    no intro, no profile....nothing to go on. how can we help?

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    Hey man liking diapers is fun and harmless just think of it that way and maybe that will help.

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    Don't feel abnormal for liking diapers. Never forget that your desires are an ingrained part of you that helps make you unique, don't fight it, and do what feels right. If your REALLY confused, try wearing a diaper, see how you like it, and go from there.

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