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Thread: G'day apparently Im a Lurker

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    Default G'day apparently Im a Lurker


    Mat from Australia Im a DL and have been for some years now. Im married, my wife know about me being a DL but does not participate in DL activities.
    I love the outdoors and especially fishing and canyoning. Hope I can enjoy this site.


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    Welcome. I enjoy kayaking myself. :-) I was along the East Coast and Yarra Junction for 5 weeks in 1994. Good times.

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    Heya, Mat. Welcome to the site. I'm quite new myself, but I've already found that this community is great and very supportive. I'm in a similar boat as I've also told my partner about my DL side, but he's not interested in participating either. No matter. The fact that you are open about it to your significant other is more than a lot of people can manage, and that openness can only make a relationship healthier. Congrats on "officially" joining.

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