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Thread: Hi! *waves* :D

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    Talking Hi! *waves* :D

    Hey there!

    Guess I should start at the beginning-ish. I have been into diapers since an early age, and am only recently letting my AB side out, and I enjoy it so much! Cute and cuddly things are awesome, YAY *smiles*! I want to be able to be more open about this side of myself and I feel like this is a good place to explore that.

    Until recently I was in school for mechanical engineering, but now I am changing my major because I realized that I am not actually interested in it. I want to find somthing that I am passionate about and I'm lucky enough to have a great boyfriend and family to support me.

    I do computer work for my father's business for ye olde monies. It's kinda strange to work for family, but it pays the bills. In my spare time, I go places with friends (recently ConnectiCon, wicked fun ), I watch anime and nifty TV shows on netflix, and I play video games when I have the time (mostly RPGs).

    I'm not sure how regularly I'll be around, but I look forward to enjoying the community when I am.

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    glad to have you here i love rpgs you plz wow at all

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    I used to play WoW, I played for about four years straight after release and took breaks here and there. These days it's just too much of the same old thing. Blizzard let me down considering how much money they have, you'd think they could invest in people with more creative and talented ideas about how to change the game. I was a pretty big fan of Diablo 2, so Im still looking forward to Diablo 3 now. Hopefully they actually do it justice without the Blizzard North team around (the people who originally made D2).

    These days I'm not really playing MMOs as much. I got back into FFXI a little bit a couple months ago, but stopped recently. I got FFXIV and am following the progression of it but I havent played in a while. I have high hopes for it, the new developer seems like he knows what he's doing.

    I've been playing The Last Story most recently. Sadly it was only released in Japan, but I have a trick up my sleeve as my boyfriend speaks Japanese and can translate for me as we go through the story Hopefully they'll release it in english speaking countries at some point as well, it seems very interesting so far.

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    *waves hi to lilpolarbear* Sup nice intro.
    What put you off mechanical enginering or did it just stop seeming intresting. Its good to see you can help your family and get some money.
    Wow ive never liked,but i like some games like final fantasy ect.
    All in all very nice intro and i hope you have a great time on adisc.=D

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    Hi Alu, thanks for the welcome and I <3 your avatar!

    Basically as far as college is concerned, I've always just gone with the technical fields because it is something I am good at so I don't have to put so much effort into it. I started with computer science, switched to computer engineering, and then to mechanical engineering so I could have a more broad field to work in.

    Long story short, I was in the major for the wrong reasons, and I realized I would much rather do something I enjoy and that I am passionate about so I have a reason to put effort into it.

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    Welcome to the site! If you don't mind me asking, what are a few of your favorite RPGs?

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    Favorite RPGs eh?

    In no particular order:
    - Anything final fantasy (13 was kinda a let down, never touched 10-2, everything else was pretty fun)
    - Lunar, silver star story
    - Secret of Mana
    - Castlevania, Symphony of the night
    - NIER (A lot of people gave it bad reviews for graphics but the story was pretty intense and intreguing)

    As for non-computer/console based RPGs I play D&D from time to time but dont have a consistant group or I would play more often.

    Oh, and I play Magic: The Gathering too, forgot to put that in my intro.

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    Hi and welcome HORAY another polar bear! this is a great place to explor and make friends. hope you enjoy it here.

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