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Thread: Glass vs Plastic Baby Bottles

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    Default Glass vs Plastic Baby Bottles

    Do you find that Glass bottles keeps milk/juice/sode tasting better then Plastic or it really doesn't make a difference.

    This question is geared towards the cono sur who would buy Organic Milk/Juice/Soda instead of any type of milk/juice/soda.

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    If I had a choice, I'd drink everything from glass. Coke/Pepsi is miles better from a glass bottle! As is a cold beer. In fact, as is milk too. Oh and fruit juice. Point being, glass rules. Can is second. Plastic is worst. Though if it's a large bottle I pour into a glass which helps make a bit of difference.

    Although, I'm not sure why I have to buy organic for this question to suit me better...

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    Generally, I would say glass gives a better taste. I prefer plastic glasses/cups/bottles because they're hard to break and don't feel cold like glass does, but I definitely know what that plasticky taste is like. I've had a few water bottles like that, but some types of plastic are better than others. Generally, the bottles made of thicker, inflexible plastic are as good as glass, but watch out for the ones that are "squeezable" they make it taste nasty!

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    I definitely prefer glass for holding things I'm going to be drinking. It depends on the liquid for how much plastic affects the taste but if I have a choice I'll go with glass. Not so easy in the land of baby bottles these days, I suppose.

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    My dumb butt would drop, and therefore shatter a glass bottle, so only plastic bottles and cups here.

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    Yeah... specially with some of the meds that i take that cuase me to do uh ohs like dropping sstuff or passing out with stuff. Shattered glass everywhere no thanks!

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    Shop - Baby Bottles ..they have some cool baby glass bottles which are all bisphenol-A (BPA), phthalate, and polyvinyl chloride (PVC) free.

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    they also come with cool colorful thick rubber sleeves in case you drop them.

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    ive found glass bottles still sold here in some places in the states

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    I'd rather glass for anything. Hell, here you can buy the old-fashioned glass bottles of Coke, Sprite and (I think)Pepsi.

    And when I get a bottle, it will be made by me, and it will be tempered glass, in a specific shape that is really hard to break

    EDIT: Hey, that rhymes!

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