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Thread: Need support from all of you.

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    Unhappy Need support from all of you.

    My girlfriend's dog just died, and I would like to know how I can help her. Please be serious with your posts. Thank you.

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    I think first and foremost, you need to be there for her as a shoulder to cry on and as someone to listen to her. I'm not sure what to tell her in that situation though... I'm not good at talking in those kinds of situations.

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    It's really a read-and-react situation.

    If she shows sadness, be ready with a hug. Other than that, grief for pets doesn't usually last long.

    I watched them put my dog down, and I wept bitterly as it happened, and wept bitterly when we buried him, but was pretty well fine a couple days later.

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    Well, obviously, be there for her.

    Try to sympathize with her as best as you can.

    Maybe you could buy her a stuffed animal, maybe a puppy, and say, "Whenever you miss your dog, give this one a hug and call me." That should show her you will be there for her when she needs to talk. And if she calls you, you absolutely have to make the time to talk to her!

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    The only basic warning I can think of for a guy in this situation is to remember you're not there to fix anything. Can't fix the dog, can't fix her being sad. Just try to be supportive and listen to what she wants to say. Maybe she wants to talk about the dog. Maybe not. There's no right answer. Just pay attention and try to be understanding without engaging the part of your brain that wants to find solutions. Good luck, and sorry about the dog.

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    Dealing with the death of anything that you love and are attached too just takes time. The main thing is to be subtle with everything you do since her feelings are very sensitive now. Just don't try making her feel better by buying her a new dog anytime soon.

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    The best advice I can give is just to be there. Like others have said, be a shoulder to cry on and an ear to speak to. Try not to bring it up when she doesn't. I have a dog, but have no personal experience dealing with dead pets (outside of fish- and that's not really emotional.), so my advice may not be perfect.

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    I'm not sure how attached your gf was to her dog, but I was genuinely more upset over my dog dying this past February than when a relative passed away last year. Some people (myself included) can get extremely attached to their dogs and they're just exactly like people. I'd sort of treat it like you would if one of her friends died. Probably she won't want a dog for a long while (perhaps ever depending on how close she and her dog were- I'm actually genuinely not getting another dog after mine passed away- she was my absolute best friend and I don't want to replace her like everyone seemed so insistent on me doing.)

    I would really let her talk to you, let her tell you about her dog, preserve the memories of her dog. Maybe if you wanted to do something meaningful and had photos of her dog put together a scrapbook album of photos of her dog, since she's likely too shaken up to do so without crying and she'd appreciate having it- but that's fairly personal. I'm not sure I would do that unless you'd been dating for a long while.

    I'm still extremely depressed over my dog passing away and it's been... 5 months? I still cry when people mention her, but then I was a bit overly attached. You really just have to play it by ear depending on how close she was to her dog.

    Personally I'd be offended if someone tried to fix it and replace my friend (emphasis on friend, because a pet is more than a pet to some people) so... I mean, you're a teenager. Think about it- she has probably grown up with her dog. It's possible she got it as an older kid, took care of it as a puppy and literally grew up with it. That forms a very very strong bond. I went back to therapy mostly over my puppy.

    Give her hugs at first- she may not be ready to talk about it, then let her talk about her dog, and do the scrapbook (maybe even with her and let her tell stories about her dog if she thinks she can handle it.) It was very important to me to get people to understand what an amazing dog mine was because she was special- talking helped a lot. Maybe help her with the grave site, find a way to mark and commemorate it somehow, plant flowers, whatever you can to help.

    This is coming from someone overly attached to their dog though, so you may need to tone it down as necessary. My dog did everything with me and I became almost nonfunctional for a month.

    Hope you can help her, but don't fixate on fixing it- because you really can't make it better. She might mope and cry for the next five months and cry spontaneously and be unable to watch shows with dogs or dwell on it- or she may be fine in the next week or so. It's really individual.

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    Thank you all for helping me and my GF through this difficult time. I have given all of the people here +1 reputation, as all of you have been kind, respectful, and helpful. My girlfriend is feeling a little better now, but she still misses her dog, as she has had her dog for as long as she can remember (My GF is 15, I am 14). Thank you ADISC and to all of the posters who posted here for making this situation a little bit easier and providing a safe, friendly, pervert-free community.

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    Excellent reply to the original post.
    I was going to suggest the photo-album/scrap book thing, as we did that many, MANY times over the long years. Now that 'I' am the last one left of my 'Family', I can review these albums with a contented heart, though I still cry from missing all of 'em so much.

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