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    Default Obilgitory Introduction

    Not entirely sure why this is necessary now, but I'm hardly up to date with the site's current protocol.

    I've been a member here longer than I'd care to admit (although you can easily find out by looking at when I registered :P). My screen name is Possibly Insane because when I signed up here I thought this whole TB/AB/DL thing was me being crazy. Clearly, that's not the case, unless we're all mad. I'm ok with that, though.


    ---------- Post added at 19:21 ---------- Previous post was at 19:20 ----------

    (now please remove that annoying yellow block of text on the top of my screen. I'm not a newbie, I've been here a long frickin' time, mates.)

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    Welcome to ADISC! Hope you like it here!

    LOL just kidding. And we're all Possibly Insane at times, don't fret it

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    Quote Originally Posted by Possibly Insane View Post
    (now please remove that annoying yellow block of text on the top of my screen.
    I'll second that, I got one too obliging me to welcome you to the site.

    Welcome to adisc, our bark is worse than our bite (sometimes), do hope you hang around.

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