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Thread: Am I still technically new?

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    I dunno..I've been on IRC for like, two or three weeks...

    But not on here...I guess that makes me new...

    On the plus side..

    MY WRITING ISN'T PURPLE THIS TIME, IF THAT MAKES YOU ALL HAPPY! *crosses arms in despair at the loss of my favorite colour*

    Your access to the site is limited because you aren't posting much. Post more and you'll get better access.


    How dare it!

    I'm upset now! *cries*
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    Welcome to the ADISC forums, hope you enjoy yourself here.

    A tip though, double posting without any real reason is generally frowned upon, try to avoid that at all costs.

    Have fun!


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    You'll go up a rank from lurker within the hour...They system does it every hour I think, so no more than an hour...But IRC doesn't count for being active on the site

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    In order to be active on here, you need to post every so often on here. Being on IRC doesn't count to being active on here.

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    GO TO SLEEP!!!

    Welcome to the site. Hope you enjoy it as much as you obviously do IRC.

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    Welcome Mesmerale!

    It is still a good time to post an introduction. Is there anything you would like to add to your introduction for those of us on the forums? Maybe hobbies or interests? Possibly how you found us?

    Please feel free to check out the forums, wiki, and chat (oh, yeah, you already found that).

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