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Thread: Flinstone Vitamins!! Does anyone esle love it?

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    Red face Flinstone Vitamins!! Does anyone esle love it?

    Munching on Bamm Bamm, Pebbles and Dino makes me feel healthier! I know it is formulated for children 2 to 3 but I love the taste and I do feel that I am getting my Vitamins A, D and C for healthy growth and development.

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    I remember I didn't like them when I was younger, but I got a big bottle of the gummy ones for Christmas and they were super yummy!

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    I loved them as a kid. My calcium I take now are the caltrate chewables, which are quite similar. I take the target brand adult gummy vitamins.

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    I still love those things! they are sooooo good!

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    Oh yesh! I always loved them, still do, though it's been a while. They have a very peculiar, distinct aftertaste that I wouldn't say is great, but it's not bad either.

    (How's that for evasive?)

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    They're great. BUT only eat 2-3 A DAY. Too many leads to your stomach getting pumped. Not fun :P

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    My Entire family uses Flinstone vitamins. We always have. 1/2 of one for children 2-3 years old. A whole one for adults and children over 4.

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    I remeber them...Been a long time...Like 20 years sine I've had them...Brings back memories.


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    I'm jealous. My mother used to buy vitamins from some weird mail-order place, and there was a while where she had me taking (every morning):

    Two Vitamin C pills
    One adult multivitamin (NASTY smelling and tasting)
    Two Zinc
    One garlic pill (supposedly kept the mosquitoes away in the summer - but it never worked)
    Two chlorophyll tabs
    One calcium pill
    and one other one I can't recall.

    And none of them were children's chewables.

    They left my hands smelling nasty after i took them, even after washing my hands a couple times. Finally they started to make me sick, and after I threw up in a few inopportune places (including in church one Sunday), she relented and cut me back to just the two massive Vitamin C pills, which weren't so bad.

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