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Thread: Talula Does The Hula From Hawaii?

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    Default Talula Does The Hula From Hawaii?

    I'm betting that not many people who clicked on this thread thought that the title was going to be the name of a nine-year-old-girl, eh? Can you imagine it, 'Talula Does the Hula From Hawaii, bedtime!'.

    I'm almost inclined to think that being called something that bizarre as an adult would be quote fun; it would certainly garner a lot of attention and be a good ice breaker, though it would obviously be hard to be taken seriously. Really though, what kind of parent decides to name their daughter as a joke? Kids jump on any differences and one like this is just asking for trouble. Good on the kid for having the gumption to go get it changed, poor thing.

    I suppose it raises an interesting question about whether there should be regulations about registering names and how far liberties should go in that regard, but it mostly just struck me because it's so very strange. Some of the other weird names in the article are rather interesting as well, Benson and Hedges for twins strikes me in particular - the valuing of a cheap gag over the confidence and experiences of your kids really is extraordinary.

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    I saw that article on Yahoo. Seriously, those parents must have been high when it came time to name their kid or something. Can you imagine her having to write that name for school?

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    I guess you guys don't remember Talula Bankhead, she was a famous movie star in the 40's and 50's, so I'm sure that is where the name came from.

    The movie I remember the most, with her in it was called, Lifeboat, it also stared William Bendix, but i guess I'm going too far back for most of you guys.

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    In my home town, we had two boys named Lemonjello and Orangejello. The second syllable was accented so you didn't realize that they were named after the dessert on the hospital menu. This became such a stir that people said it was an urban legend, but they went to the school where our oldest son is head principle, so now you know it's true.

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    Well, in MLB, there are two names that stand out, the Red Sox have a guy named Coco Crisp & the Rangers have a guy named Milton Bradley!!

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    and don't forget about the people who changes their name to stupid thing too, like Mr. Jack Ass lol.

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    Saw this on the news last night. Pretty wild. And really dumb of the guardians/parents to do that to their child >_>.

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    at first i thought it was some thread abot hawa, boy was i mistaken, >.>

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    That's just... no! And I thought my name was weird.

    I think the parents who wanted to use text speech in the name are worse though. :thumbsdown:

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    I forgot about this, a couple years ago ESPN did a story about parents who named their kids after the network, both boys & girls are named after ESPN!! A couple of the girls have had a "Y" added to the networks name, so their name is spelled out ESPYN!! Would you all be happy about this kinda thing or not?

    Their names are pronounced as ES-PEN!!

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