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Thread: EGO BOOST! (The gaming accomplishments thread)

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    Default EGO BOOST! (The gaming accomplishments thread)

    Post all your gaming accomplishments here, photos and videos if you have them as well.

    I have some and i'll post soon.

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    completed all the halos on legendary, erm, almost have super mario 64 for nin 64 beaten, beat COD4 on vet, then got to lvl 55.

    Got really high kill streak in CSS, like the highest one which I can't remember what it is =/.

    almost have beaten TTFAF on expert.

    beat tony hawks underground, and tony hawks 4

    beat 007 nightfire beat medal of honor frontline.

    beat wreckless

    beat enter the matrix.

    beat super smash bros brawl and melee

    beat pokemon yellow, gold, silver, sapphire and emerald.

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    I've gotton to level 55 on COD4 and have beat the main game. I have beat James Bond 007: Nightfire and 007: Everything or Nothing.

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    Got all achievements unlocked in AudioSurf. The hardest one was 30,000 points per min. or maybe it was light show of having 4 different color clusters chain off together.

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    Beat Contra and Battletoads on all difficulties.

    Beat Bubble Bobble WITH perfect 'happy end'.

    Beat Rainbow Islands.

    Beat Treasure Island Dizzy with all coins.

    Beat all optional bosses for each Final Fantasy.

    Beat Shinobi.

    Beat Alex the Kid in wonderland.

    Beat and know ALL the Sonic games off by heart.

    Know the SCRIPT to FF8 to near perfection.

    Started beating all the Fire Emblem games.

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    -Beat Guitar hero 3 on hard
    -5 * All songs on medium on GH3
    -100% all songs on easy
    -1000 Note Streak on Co-op
    -1000 Note Streat on Career

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    I was about to post a wall of text listing the games I've beaten and 100%'ed, but I lost interest.

    Platinum status on Rock Band guitar; played through solo tour exactly once and gold-starred 23/58 songs, and 5-starred all others except Run To The Hills.
    Collaborated with a friend to complete all challenges on Smash Bros Brawl.
    100% three times on Zelda OoT.
    100% on Zelda Twilight Princess; completed Cave of Ordeals with 3 hearts and no upgrades, sword skills, or potions.
    100% on at least 20 more games, completed at least 50 more.
    In a Halo 3 match, ejected from a near-death Banshee to successfully skyjack the enemy Banshee tailing me.
    DDR: A on Max 300 heavy (no bar); passed Hand of Time expert (no bar)

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    WoW: Killed Kael'thas, Lady Vashj, Archimonde and Illidan on live servers, and achieved the Gladiator title.(had to mention live server due to so many people here playing on private ones.)

    Gears of War: beat every act on the hardest difficulty with no deaths.

    Call of Duty 4: 50 kill streak, and getting 3 kills by sniping through a wall

    Warcraft 3: Actually finishing the last campaign without cheats.

    Crysis: Using the sandbox to make a massive explosion that made my computer crash.

    And I'm already aware that I have no life

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    I finally beat the Elder Scrolls 3:Morrowind, and it's 2 expansions. What a crazy week that was.

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    beat ninja gaiden for the xbox on very hard mode.
    beat Devil May Cry 4 on all difficulty levels
    got the brass balls achievement in Bioshock.
    got 100% completion on the hardest modes on both Kingdom hearts games
    beat all portal advanced maps
    beat insanity mode on Mass Effect twice
    All achievements in Elder scrolls 4
    Did a bunch of other shit I can't think of at the moment

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