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    Cool Hi everyone

    Well where do I start. It is not easy talking about yourself. It has taken a few drafts to get this together so I hope this is ok. Um, I’m a happy person who loves life. I’m not to out going, bit shy but in saying that I’m not the type of person to let shyness make me become stuck at home. Life’s to short.

    I stated wearing diapers or nappies as us in oz call them when I was 6 or 7. I don’t know why I started all I can remember is that I saw a packet in my baby brother’s room and I had to have them. I stashed them and when I was put to bed that night I put one on, well that was it I was hooked.

    All my life I have worn on and off in secret without anyone knowing when I could get them. This was difficult almost getting caught a few time until it happened. One night when I was about 10 my parents found me asleep in a diaper. That was difficult. My parents made fun of it and made me see a doctor for help. He advised it was a growing stage and I would grow out of it. He was wrong I am still wearing. My parents pretended nothing happened and it was forgotten. I learned to hide my diapers much better.

    I found a wonderful girl and got married a few years ago and it wasn’t until recently that I got the carriage to tell my wife (fear she would leave) I just couldn't kept it a secret anymore even though see suspected. She freaked at first, but we talked for awhile and to my surprise she was ok. A great weight was lifted, I could be me. She now lets me wear in bed on the weekends. I have found my Soul mate.

    I live in Country Australia on a property, its not to Country about 30 minutes in land from town. We have heaps of wild life live Kangaroos, Birds, wombats etc without sounding to cheesy. I love to sit on the back porch in the afternoon watch the sun set are the wild life passes bye drinking a beer. The only problem here is driving at night can be dangerous as Kangaroos tend to jump out at the car head lights. My hobbies are keeping fit (Gym work), swimming, playing with cars, horse riding, surfing when on holiday near the beach, partying at home with friends, being with my wife and working on the property.

    My job is I am like an Engineer, My role is to ensure that building work whether a standard home/dwelling or high rise building has been constructed properly so it is safe. This can be stressful but I love it. Well that’s me. I hope this isn’t to long. I didn’t want to seem to go on to much. I decided to join so that I could be amount friends with similar interests like me. I am so happy to not have to keep this hidden anymore and that there are others like me to talk to. Hi.
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    Welcome to ADISC! Australia eh? Cool! I'd love to be able to travel there sometime. I'm from a very rural state in the USA, Kansas, so I know about the countryside, but it would be really, really strange to see a kangaroo jump in front of you. We get a lot of deer doing that here, though. In fact, in certain times of the year, as you said about the kangaroos, if you are traveling at night, you really have to keep your eyes open. People have been killed running into them!

    As far as telling your spouse, it's great that it turned out good for you. You'll find that there are many threads on here about when and how to tell your significant other and many stories of results, both good and bad. You could probably offer some helpful insight to lot of people on here in that regard. Anyway, on ADISC, from what I've seen, most agree that you should tell before you get married, because it seems only fair that the other person knows what they're getting into. However, most of us, like you, tend to be very shy, especially when it comes to talking about our diaper predilections and so we sometimes never get the courage to tell them! I'm still single myself, and I know this AB thing is a big part of the reason why. I can only hope I get as lucky as you.

    Again welcome, and jump in and have fun!

    P.S. Just a hint... Adding a few blank lines can make a post much easier on the eyes. When someone doesn't put spaces we affectionately call it the "dreaded wall o' text"

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    Thanks BabyJessi, Sorry for forgetting to put in blank lines your right. I have read my into and it is hard to take. I have edited my intro so it is easier to read. I'm very glad to be apart of this site, everything I have read shows how friendly everyone is.
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    Yes.. It's much easier on the eyes! BTW, I neglected to say, other than the 'wall o' text,' it really is a very good introduction. Again welcome to our humble corner of the internet!

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    Thanks for the help, nice to here that you live in the country like me. I will see what advise I can offer to help when telling your partner. It is not easy even if they suspect.

    My wife caught me a few times only while hugging and feeling the padding. She pretended that this is not what she felt. but now it is all out in the open and every thing is much better. Your right I should have told her sooner.

    I hope you find someone to be happy with.

    Again thanks, being new isn't easy.

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