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Thread: Mt. Rushmore?

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    Default Mt. Rushmore?

    Does anyone else think that mt rushmore was a horrible waste of money and time from the US government? Considering that it's in South Dakota and state that so far only seems known for strugis. Which is a single weekend event if I recall right.

    So given what you know about Mt Rushmore.

    Do you have plans to visit it at all in your lifetime?
    Do you think it was worth the government's time and money to blast and carve into a mountain?

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    I've been there, the government has wasted much more money on far worse things. It put a lot of people to work and created a tourist attraction that does much for the area economy.

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    It's one of the most iconic monument in the United States, if not the world. Taking that into account, I think it must have exceded all expectations from when it was built and was wprth every penny, if nothing else for the prestige it brings to the US.

    I personaly do hope to see it in my lifetime.

    On a side-note, what the heck is strugis?

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    But imagine the ending of Hitchcock's "North by Northwest" if there was no Mt. Rushmore to have as the thrilling backdrop. Instead, it would have been filmed in a Starbuck's coffee shop, and they would have been hanging on for dear life, dangling precariously from a table and two chairs, the horrid dangers of being scalded by hot coffee. Imagine Nicholas Cage in National Treasure, with no Mt. Rushmore to enter into the great storehouse, but instead, breaking into and open house for a three bedroom ranch which was for sale in Oxnard, the national treasure being several handsome lamps and an end table. You just have to think bigger, much bigger.

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    I've been at Mt. Rushmore twice when I was younger.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Near View Post
    On a side-note, what the heck is strugis?

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    it's a big motorcycle rally with mostly harley davisions. It's also the name of the town which triples in population during the event. Anytime the event is on, their planning for next years event. I think it's a hour's drive from mt.rushmore itself too and I think the park rangers or other tourists hate it when all these motorcycles come on this yearly basis.

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    Personally, I prefer the Blue Ride Parkway when it comes to Great Depression government spending. It's more scenic and diverse than a bunch of old presidents chiseled into a rock somwhere out in the sticks. I mean you guys are having another recession (and one looming on the horizon once your government decalres bankrupcy), so why not honor Bush Sen., Clinton, Bush Jun. and Obama by building plastic statues of them and setting them up in, say, Wyoming? Sounds like a crazy idea to begin with.

    From a purely economic point of view, it was probably money wisely spent. The place seems to have gathered adequate momentum to pay back the government in tax revenue from people who spend money solely to see that place. I'm not sure I'd want to go to the middle of nowhere to see 4 presidents I can see on dollar bills anyway, not unless I can climb into Washington's nose and tickle it with my feet, hoping he'll sneeze


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    National Treasure: Book of Secrets kinda ruined my desire to go to Mt. Rushmore.

    Nah, I'm joking. But seriously, I don't have much interest in the near future in going to South Dakota just to see it. If there's other stuff to do in the area, then maybe I'd check it out. I'd much rather do a Europe road trip than a cross-country American one.

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    Went there not long ago.

    Loved it. That being said, it's tiny and uneventful, but it's still a nice sight to see.
    Actually, I went there during Sturgis. Great vacation. :3

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