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Thread: Choice of Diapers - Need a 'lil help

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    Default Choice of Diapers - Need a 'lil help

    I'm ordering some nappies today from Nursing Suppliers | Nursing Home Supplies | Medical Suppliers I havea choice of the Lilfit All-In-One Briefs, Abena Abri-Form, and the Molicare All-In-One.

    I currently have Tena Slip Maxi's so I would like to choose another brand, but if these are clearly the better option then I'll order these again.

    I wanted people's opinions on which I should purchase. He's some info to help make a decision:

    - 32" waist 6'2" tall
    - I would prefer plastic-backed (I like the crinkles)
    - I would like more of an AB feel, but love the girly purple on the Tenas
    - I don't know what kind of thickness I would like as I only have Tenas to compare to.

    I intend on ordering these today to get delivery for tomorrow.

    Any advice would be greatly appreciated

    - Ginger

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    If you want plastic backed diapers then don't order the Lilfit All-In-One Briefs as they are cloth backed.

    Molicaire All-In-One are a similar thickness as the Tena Slip Maxis and hold a similar amount. If you like the Tenas for the girly purple then Molicaire Super Plus (size M) are purple all over. They are plastic backed.

    Assuming that you order the M4 then Abena Abri-Form are the thickest of the diapers you listed, although I think they have a less babyish feel than Tena and look somewhat more medical. They are also plastic backed. They are the most absorbent of the diapers you listed.

    Both Molicaire and Abena are considered to be premium diapers, and I doubt you will disappointed with either. If you want something thicker/ more absorbent than Tena then I would go with the Abenas, and if you want something in a girly colour that performs similarly to Tena then go for Molicaire

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    I love Abena x plus but not to into Molicare sorry I find them to thin. Like a thick diaper.

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    Thanks Khaymen and Babyjess for your help! I hot these just in time. I rang them up and went for the plunge and ordered the Abena's. I guess in the end it was down to Babyjess saying they are thicker.

    I just thought thicker would be better for me. They do next day delivery on all orders before 2pm and the guy I spoke to was really helpful.

    Hopefully they'll arrive in the morning because I'm down to my last Tena!

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    Sorry I didn't refresh intime Napboy, but thanks for your input, it seems Molicare has lucked out.

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    that's ok, glad you got the right diapers. I know you will like the Abena. I have tried Molicare and Tena and they just don't compare to Abena for thickness.

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