OH NOES!! I'm a lurker!! >.< (or I just fell off the face of the planet for a bit.. oooh boy)

So I'm Sephy. I'm a strong-willed entrepreneur who tries to be as level headed and realistic as I can be. I quit college not to long ago. Just couldn't heck it anymore. Guess it's not for everyone. But, I'm doing alright regardless. I'm a big techy, but I have some sort of problem remembering names to things, people, and places.. and sometimes even just words that I wish to use in a sentence. This makes it very difficult to explain anything specific. I like to be pretty active. For instance: I'm a pilot. I waterski, race karts, ice skate, etc. I'd like to go sky diving and cliff jumping.

Unfortunately, all of those things cost money. Something I have very little of and will have very little of until my business gets off the ground.

Why I am here now after this long break: I have recently moved back into my dad's house (yeesh, I can't wait to get back out) and I'm having trouble getting back into secretly buying, hiding, storing, and disposing of diapers. Seeing if I could find any tips I didn't see before.