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    I think my dad is being a bit unreasonable with some of the stuff he asks me to do.

    For instance, I am in the middle of an important call at 3 AM because a friend of mine is in the Philippines for the next week and I can only Skype him now.

    I need to make this call because this will impact my near future with me making my own game using Unity, as this friend of mine is my main artist/modeler/texturer.

    My dad wants me to get to sleep, yet I am not tired, nor am I hyper, but more like I had a coffee about 3 hours ago, like I just took a nap. And he gets bent out of shape just over me getting to sleep.

    I have insomnia and he does know it, and it hits me a lot, but not to where it impacts my daily life.

    He also is a bit crazy when it comes to me being on the computer all day, when I have just come up with something for my game and it takes me a while to script/program it in, sometimes requiring me to get on skype with a couple of friends to brainstorm ideas.

    He now is telling me to "Get the Fuck out of my house" or to "Call the police because I am going to beat the shit out of you" when I am up late.

    I am not sure what the hell to do, and am about to call the police just because of these threats that he has given me.

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    Can't offer much help - you seem to have thought things out well - Can you find someone you trust to talk to - preferebaly someone who could talk with Dad too?. A mature friend of the family or someone in the community who knows you well could help get things resolved. You might need to play the game of "putting yourself in dads shoes" - He may not understand the importance of 3.00am phone calls and may be more concerned about you than you think. The answer is probably that you both cut each other a bit of space - but that is hard to achieve on your own - so I do hope you get help without too much involvement in a heavy way from the authorities.

    I hope you get lots of other responses here to help you make your mind up about how to cope,

    Best wishes with it all.

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    I do go to a family therapist, but most of the time the main topic is what I am doing wrong. I am hesitated to call the authorities due to the fact that my mom can't take care of me due to brain damage from a cyst not being removed in time, and that would put me in an orphanage.
    I do realize he is concerned about me, but he is hard to explain stuff to due to a thick head, which I am going to admit, I have a thick head also, so I know where it comes from.

    I see my therapist next Wednesday, so I think we can work something out with him.

    Thanks for all of your advice.

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    Hmmm... I think it might be important to notify the authorities just so that they have a foundation of information. My dad is in law enforcement and he always says no matter what at the end of the day law enforcement is there to genuinely help you in any way they can. Alot of youths like to exagerate nonsence so unless they have information they will have a more difficult time giving the proper decision if something more serious occures.

    Besides that i am very physically disabled and if you cant tell by me being up at 330 am... i cant sleep good either so i can fully relate to difficulties. I think a couple steps you can take is.

    1. Never raise your voice in a conversation with your dad or change tones, if you feel your self getting into a comfertable situation take some deep breaths and slow down. Parents like dads who have anger issues probly are quete aggressive so "walk it off" doesnt work because usually they like to corner you because "they own the house" type stuff and you gotta kinda create your own mental bubble instead to keep calm.

    2. no coffee or other um uppers after 9 pm... dont be a butthead looking for trouble ^^;

    3. Take threats to your physical health seriously, its the doorway to battered child situations, thats the kind of thing to notify police about.

    4. At the end of the day... no matter how things work out or what kind of stuff is involved in orphanages or what ever if things get bad or something... never loose your self esteam or let it get to you. Im adopted yet stuff worked out for me just fine so i think that if you keep things together its okay.

    Judging by what you say it seems like your father is the one who may need either personal or family theropy. I suggest explaining this to your therapist because-- generally as a therapist there like : once bodily harm and w/e comes into play they have the power to step in and notify parties who can then go from there and force things like intervensions and protective custady and like adult services and yada yada (thats blanket stuff... im not saying ur dads a addict or any of that stuff specifically lol)

    Anyways i hope you have a okay rest of your night and things go okay, try and lay down rest abit to kinda keep the edge off ur dad in the mean time. You might not be sleepy but its better then poking a lion with a stick.

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