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Thread: So you don't wear diapers beacuse it's to hot out? Eh? That makes no sense...

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    Default So you don't wear diapers beacuse it's to hot out? Eh? That makes no sense...

    Hear me out... I'm from Puerto Rico, where I live it's around 80-100 year round. Coldest it gets... 65 on a stormy windy day it's a bit insane. So when I hear that you guys don't wear diapers in the summer I question this. Why? Well I know for a fact that a good percentage of the houses in the US (90%?) have Central Air and heating. or mostly Air. It's pretty standard in the US. I mean even the cheapest dinkies places must have it. It's just one of those things that you guys kinda take for granted.

    Back home in PR. We have to bear the heat night and day, we get no relief from the heat why? Because only a lucky few are able to get AC and if they do they have to pay the bill. What's the bill? Around $600 a month for always on AC. Don't believe me? My family pays close to $200 with fans on. Why? Something with the government ripping us off and the fact that it's mostly petroleum based generators. NO wind or water or what have you. So there is our problem.

    So I"m a Puertorican who's spending the summer in DC/Maryland area and I've never been so cool, i'm always in air conditioning and there is very little uncomfortablity. I can wear diapers whenever it's nice and cool and no need to worry about heat. I usually wear in that type of weather the whole 80-100 degree crap, I would go walk in a diaper out in the sun with that heat. So I don't understand why you guys can't wear diapers? Could you please answer me? DO you just not use AC? does your house not have it? Please answer me guys.... I'm really curious.

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    well i dont understand their excuces because i for one dont have air conditiong but i do still wear, hell i wore outside today and was walking around in 94 degree weather and it wasnt that bad even though i was wearing cloth backed

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    I think the prevalence of air conditioning depends on where you live. It's not common at all in homes in the Seattle area because our weather doesn't call for it most of the time. We have a couple months that we would call hot a year and the rest is temperate, cool, or then on to what we'd call cold and we turn the heat on. I don't run across that many days where temperature is the deciding factor on diapering but if I had to be out and about a lot during the summer and wanted to wear, I'd certainly consider that. I guess it's all based on what you're acclimated to.

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    Well I for one live in NC where the humidity is as much a factor as the heat. I've been in areas where humidity is lower but the temp is higher and it didn't seem so hot.

    I for one sweat and don't want to fill a diaper with salt and grind the skin off of my butt in the process.

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    AC isn't common where I live (northern US). Happily, that's because it usually doesn't get very hot where I live. But even if it's warm/hot out, I'll wear diapers anyways; if I sweat in that area, I don't notice it. Last summer I was living a little further south and the temps in my apartment were enough to make me uncomfortably hot (85-95*F), but I wore diapers anyways. Then I parked my otherwise birthday-suit-clad self in front of a fan and drank plenty of ice water. I didn't want to pay the electricity bill for the AC, plus the air it pumped in reeked of cigarette smoke. After a while, I kind of acclimated to the heat, so it bothered me less.

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    Well, I do wear pull-ups in all of the heat due to my IC. But full diapering in the heat does bother me. I've got extra sensitive skin that causes me to get bad heat rashes from it.

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    I may be in the uk where it doesnt usually get too hot but even when we do get an unusually warm summer, I take the view that babies and fully incontinent people dont really have a choice about wether or not its too hot to wear, so why should I stop wearing just because its a tiny bit out of my comfort zone.

    I'm marginally incon btw, bad ibs/d (they cant make their minds up) so I often get into situations where I dont have a choice in the matter either.

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    I live in North Georgia and the humidity is honorably. I can handle the heat but when the humidity gets hi the sweating in the diaper area is not good. I wear as long as I'm going to be inside or driving my car. I don't run my AC in my house due to the power bill. But I crank it up in the car.

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    Humidity is the big difference.

    I've been to AZ where I could wear in 120 F weather; easily. It's so beautiful feeling, it's comfy and what not.

    Where I live right now; when we hit 90 F on hot summer days with a humidity of near 100% it's like you have glue running out of your body (very sticky and sweaty). It feels disgusting to be like that.

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    Personal preference, duh.

    I don't understand this talk of 'I don't understand your excuses for not wearing diapers in summer! :<' because it sounds almost like people consider it something of a DUTY to wear diapers. Silly!

    I don't wear diapers sometimes in summer because it's too hot FOR ME. I'm sure I could cope, I just don't want to, just as I wouldn't wear diapers when I go to school, where I could conceal if I wanted to, but I'd just prefer not to have the hassle.

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