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Thread: Diaper size and recommendation

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    Default Diaper size and recommendation

    I was wondering what diaper size would fit me best. I won't be able to buy diapers soon, nor can I order online, but in the event I'm able to go to a store, I want to make the right purchase.

    Chances are I'm going to buy Goodnites. If I change my mind though, diapers that are available are Depends, Tena (maybe), pamper cruisers (up to size 6), pull ups, as well as other baby diapers.

    I'm around 6 feet tall, weigh around 145 pounds and I'm 30" in waist. So: what size of goodnites should I get? What diaper (and size) would you recommend? Bonus question: Must the diapers stay in their packaging, or can I take them out for easier hiding?
    Thank you!

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    Large Goodnites Of course

    Medium Depends

    I dont think papmpers or anyhting other baby diaper will fit

    No you dont have to keep them in the package, I dont always, Of course there is something abotu having a package of diapers though..

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    Go for the medium depends if the tenas don't work out. It will fit you better than anything else, and you can always use a stuffer. If you have a CVS in town, get the day and night fitted briefs from there. They don't hold any more than the depends, but are roomier if you choose to go the stuffer route.

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    Walmart has attends cheap, reasonable absorbency size for you small to medium.

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    To my knowledge, Walmarts here don't have Attends (website confirmed it). Furthermore, I don't think any stores near to where I live carry Attends. Thanks anyways.

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    The Wal*Mart Assurance (and I agree at 30", presuming you're male, a medium i just about any adult diaper will fit) is not a bad brand if you don't mind the velcro/cloth-like cover. It is in fact my every day daytime diaper (actually, I get them at Sam's Club under the Member's Mark brand but they are identical other than coming in a larger box). It's pretty absorbent (moreso than the Tranquilty slimline breathable), not too bulky, and the velcro tabs mean I can take it on and off if I chose to (poop or whatever). I usually change into something more bulkier for night or when just kicking around at home.

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    I would say the L/XL Goodnites or the S/M Depend Underwear would work for you. My waist is 36" so Goodnites are out of the question for me, but the Depend Underwear for Men are the next best thing. They even have some with patterns on them if you like that sort of thing.

    Pull-Up Style diapers:
    Depend Underwear S/M fit waist sizes 28" to 40"
    Goodnites L/XL fit 60lbs to 125lbs, but should fit up to 34" waist.

    Tab Style Diapers:
    Depend Fitted Maximum Protection S/M fit waist sizes 19" to 34"

    Hope this helps...

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