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Thread: hi im new

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    Default hi im new

    well im not really sure on what to say i have never done this before but my name is samuel and thats all u need to know right now im 17 and i like diapers just like a lot of you i have been to chat sites. i just want to make some new friends really since i hardly know any one that is a ab/dl/tb and stuff a few of my close friends know what i am and accept me lucky me they dont tease me about it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by babyinu-yasha View Post
    and i like diapers
    Really?! I'd never guessed.

    Welcome dude.

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    wow thanks guys didnt think any one would replay so fast makes me feel welcomed

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    Hi and welcome. It's nice to know that you have friends who accept your interest. Enjoy the forum.

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    Hey Sam, welcome 2 adisc!
    hope u have a blast surfing around the site and sharing what you like best about life.
    Lot's pf ppl here to give u advice and input on how to live as a happy, fulfilled peson despite any "old school clothing preferences" (LOL)

    u know what i'm saying!!

    ~ Will in NY

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    Default Welcome to our little nappy world

    Hey mate welcome, hope you find our little world a fun place to be.



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    "Babyinu Yasha?" How would you pronounce that now?

    Kidding aside, welcome to ADISC. n.n

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    welcome and wish you good luck in finding like minded friends but it should be easy as this site has several of these like minded people

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