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Thread: Unhealthy enemas put tourists in hospital

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    Damn. I've heard of anal bleaching, but this is taking things too far! :p


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    "H2O (water) - H2O2 (hydrogen peroxide)...where's the difference?", the health club employee may have thought. "It'll just add an extra 'Ohhh' to the experience!".
    Well, little did she know.

    What do we learn from this story??
    (1) Look closely at the bottles before you open them and use their contents for whatever.
    (2) You should not put things into your anus that obviously don't belong there. Enemas may result in more than just "shits and giggles"!


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    But peachy, some of our OtHeR forum members put things in anus that don't belong there!

    FAIL! at LOOKING at something thats VERY important! WHY! was this happening anyway?

    Commies shouldn't be allowed to give enemas.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mr Alex View Post
    Commies shouldn't be allowed to give enemas.
    Good thing I'm no commie. So *gets enema tube*...who goes first? :p


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